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There was a time you enjoyed playing with mud and toys.Do you still remember the time you would spend colouring in your books or drawing on the walls?At that particular time, it was exciting and it made you happy.But if you were asked to draw on the walls today you would propose valid points whyContinue reading “Time”

Starting all over again

This poem is for anyone who is making a big decision. It’s okay to start all over againšŸ¤—. I forgot to cover the bruises and the scars today.Oh, my this is how far it has gone.There is a voice whispering saying, it will not end well,”. I have avoided all the signs and the fearContinue reading “Starting all over again”

Don’t dwell in the past

As I look back I don’t have any regrets, I have made a lot of mistakes and there was a time I hated myself. But I have managed to reach out to the younger version with myself and a heart to heart conversation with her. Instead of judging her, I have allowed her to shareContinue reading “Don’t dwell in the past”