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The Chat series: A chat with Vuyo Brown

Who is Vuyo Brown?She is a Zimbabwean Singer, Songwriter and Contemporary Christian Artist.She creates, she sings, she serves. When did you know that you could sing?My earliest memory is at 6 or 7 years old. I sang and danced; I really enjoyed it. I’d put on shows for my mum or anyone really who caredContinue reading “The Chat series: A chat with Vuyo Brown”

Is love supposed to break you?

As I drove into my parent’s driveway I allowed myself to be human and vulnerable. There was no pretending that I was okay, it was time to cry, to scream, to hear my heart crumbling into pieces, and to wait for my parents to say “but Tanya we warned you”. Ubucwebe is fast asleep andContinue reading “Is love supposed to break you?”

You did your best ❤

You have come this far to be sulking. You have made it to the last day of 2022. Maybe you haven’t ticked everything off your to-do list or achieved your set goals but guess what? You are alive, healthy, and reading this. Surely it calls for celebration. Count your blessings, applaud yourself for your achievementsContinue reading “You did your best ❤”

It’s okay until…

Everyone looks forward to spending time with family. Travelling long distances means nothing when you are going to be with your loved ones. It is a time to be with loved ones. But there are a lot of people who decided to leave early. This might be because of the conversations and the jokes thatContinue reading “It’s okay until…”