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Dear self: To the little girl

To the little girl in the green uniform ..Here we are, 20-something years later. Everything has changed and yet it’s all just the same as it was. If I’m being honest we’ve come a long way, we’ve won some and well we’ve learnt a lot.Where to start…? The lessons! Do you remember that secret weContinue reading “Dear self: To the little girl”

If I could spend a day with him

If he was still here today he would have told me that he is proud of me. He would have embraced me and reminded me that he loved me. He would have said that Mummy raised us well and that Holdee, Sdu, and I turned out fine. Sekuru would have smiled when he discovered thatContinue reading “If I could spend a day with him”

A merry heart😄😊

It is a few hours before we roll over the scroll on our calendars or receive a notification that it is the new month. I say goodbye to September with so much joy and I hope October will be far much kinder to me. My highlightsBirthday celebrations*My baby sister turned another year. It was herContinue reading “A merry heart😄😊”

A better life

We come from small government houses that do not have access to running water and we make friends at the communal borehole. Our younger siblings play in the street and bonds are created. When there isn’t an electrical connection we use lamps to study and when we have power, some of our friends come andContinue reading “A better life”

The Adulting series: Drunk aunts and Uncles

Do you remember when you were young and happy and had such big dreams of what kind of life you wanted to have? I remember I wanted to be a lawyer because everyone wanted to be either that or a doctor. But the older I got the more I realised that no man, I wantContinue reading “The Adulting series: Drunk aunts and Uncles”