It’s never too late

Why have you decided to stay in an unhappy space? I know that it hurts and it might be scary but it is possible to walk away. Your view might be blurry but you can pick your broken pieces and move on. The fear of the unknown can imprison you but take a leap of faith and walk away.

Mama was in an abusive relationship and Baba used to beat her up. Her face was covered with bruises but she chose to stay. She always used to say” ndinogarira vana vangu” (I have to stay because of my children). Mama wanted her children to have a comfortable life and she believed that they would only have a better life if they stayed. Sadly when Mama’s children were older they left for school and Mama was all by herself.

Do you feel like you are always making sacrifices for people who will never jump a puddle for you? Maybe it makes you feel used and worthless but maybe it is high time to walk away and start all over.

Starting all over might be scary but you deserve to be happy. Although it might hurt maybe it is high time to start all over again.

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6 thoughts on “It’s never too late

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to move out of abusive places. We lack the courage or maybe we are scared of what’s behind the door we are trying to open. To anyone in such a situation, I urge them to fight for their freedom and happiness. You can’t fully love others if you don’t love yourself. Let’s learn to love ourselves.

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