WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness: S is for self-care

No one is going to come and tell you to slow down. You need to take the much-needed rest and avoid straining yourself.  No one is going to come and save you and this is why you should be kind to yourself. When was the last time you bought your favourite snack? It would beContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness: S is for self-care”

Are you being kind to yourself?

These are difficult times and sometimes we might feel like we are overwhelmed and tired. It’s okay not to have everything figured out, but don’t give up.We long to walk freely in the streets, to not sanitize our hands every time we walk into a shop or when we are in public places. Before theContinue reading “Are you being kind to yourself?”

WinterABC 2021 Day 9 – Why should we practice self-care (3)?

It is very easy to lose yourself in the process of trying to please your readers, family members or colleagues. Sometimes you need to take a break from your busy lifestyle and get some rest. I hope that you are taking care of the person you see when you look in the mirror. It’s notContinue reading “WinterABC 2021 Day 9 – Why should we practice self-care (3)?”

WinterABC2021 Day 8: My dear friend

The fun continues and I am advocating for self-care. Are you taking care of yourself? If not you can start doing so today☺❤ It’s okay to :-have good and bad days.-express your emotions and feelings.– be kind to yourself.– do something that you love.-smile and laugh more.– ask for help.-let go of toxic relationships.-avoid pleasingContinue reading “WinterABC2021 Day 8: My dear friend”

WinterABC2021 Day 7 -Why should we practice self-care (2)?

Every day the world affords us a chance to learn something new. This week l am advocating for self-care because if we do not take care of ourselves no one will. We can learn something from *A song – Some songs are raising awareness for a certain issue and after listening to a particular songContinue reading “WinterABC2021 Day 7 -Why should we practice self-care (2)?”

WinterABC2021 Day6: Self-care winter warmers

As a follow up to my previous blog post l have decided to write another piece on self-care. The temperatures are dropping and the winter nights in my hometown can be very cold. I do not need anyone to tell me to wear a warm jersey but it has become the norm to wear somethingContinue reading “WinterABC2021 Day6: Self-care winter warmers”

WinterABC2021 Day 5-Why should we practice self-care?

Welcome to week two of AfroBloggers winter challenge, l hope you had a wonderful weekend and may this week be filled with laughter, achievements and answered prayers. This week l will be upholding self-care because when the COVID-19 pandemic hit l realised that it is important for an individual to take care of himself orContinue reading “WinterABC2021 Day 5-Why should we practice self-care?”

Stepping out of your comfort zone

There are two groups of people, those who are willling to try and the other group of people  are scared to try . The first group of people is confident, brave and are willing to ask for help . The second group of people is scared to raise their hand and try. This is becauseContinue reading “Stepping out of your comfort zone”

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