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The three-generation series: My grandmothers and mother

Hey my lovelies, hope you are well and happy. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am on a break but I decided to post a series as a way of keeping you entertained. That way you don’t miss me. The guest chose to be anonymous because they allowed themselves to be vulnerable. IfContinue reading “The three-generation series: My grandmothers and mother”

Dear self: To my future self

Dear Future Self, I want you to take a break from whatever you are doing, step outside and take a deep breath, gaze upon the leaves on the ground, close your eyes, and say a little prayer. If my future went as planned, from the day that I wrote this letter, you are a Conservation maverickContinue reading “Dear self: To my future self”

Goodbye January, Hey February 👋🏽❤

January has already come to an end and oh boy it’s already February! So does it mean it’s only two or I mean ten months until Christmas🤭🤣? My January wasn’t moving at a slow or fast pace. Guess it was just the normal pace. Sis went to the gym and I must say I mightContinue reading “Goodbye January, Hey February 👋🏽❤”

A merry heart😄😊

It is a few hours before we roll over the scroll on our calendars or receive a notification that it is the new month. I say goodbye to September with so much joy and I hope October will be far much kinder to me. My highlightsBirthday celebrations*My baby sister turned another year. It was herContinue reading “A merry heart😄😊”

The adulting series:Is adulting a scam?

Hello my lovely readers. The adulting series continues. Enjoy🤗 Adulthood phew, it has taught me a lot. It’s funny how I always wanted to be a grown-up not knowing how much of a scam it is😔. It has taught me to prioritize myself always because when your friend, partner, or sibling gets the opportunity, theyContinue reading “The adulting series:Is adulting a scam?”

The adulting series: My story

If our former high school English language teachers would give us an assignment or an essay titled “Adulting” every one of us would have a good mark. This is because the adulting essay is a lived experience. It is a lived experience.The adulting series was inspired been inspired by an article on The Watch withContinue reading “The adulting series: My story”

A review: Who will cry when you die?

Author: Robin SharmaCover rating:3/50verall rating 4.6/5Themes: self-discovery, fear, hope, happiness, independence, stress management, family, gratitude, self-love SummaryWho will cry when you die encourages a reader to live his or her best life while they can. This life is full of uncertainties and it is only wiser to do whatever makes you happy now. Although weContinue reading “A review: Who will cry when you die?”

Wisdom or riches?

Title: The monk who sold his FerrariAuthor: Robin SharmaOverall rating: 4/5 The monk who sold his Ferrari is a fable about Julian Mantle who chose to find meaning and purpose in his life. After having a heart attack, Julian chose wisdom rather than riches represented by a Ferrari. In this fable, the reader embarks onContinue reading “Wisdom or riches?”