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…But you are home

When I got home my sister Rhulani hugged me and told me that I could take a bath and relax. All I was expecting was “but  Thabi we told you so or is it true that Themba broke up with you?”As I soaked my body in the hot bath, I allowed myself to cry. IContinue reading “…But you are home”

Starting all over again

This poem is for anyone who is making a big decision. It’s okay to start all over again🤗. I forgot to cover the bruises and the scars today.Oh, my this is how far it has gone.There is a voice whispering saying, it will not end well,”. I have avoided all the signs and the fearContinue reading “Starting all over again”

The happiest girl alive

It’s good to be back😊 and I hope someone missed me🙈. This blog post was inspired by an article I read On Becoming. The post is long overdue but here it is😄 Dear Diary For the first time in fourteen years, I managed to talk about the death of my brother. Although it hurts, itContinue reading “The happiest girl alive”