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Life update

A happy new week my lovely readers. I trust that you had a restful weekend and you are ready for the new week.

During the weekend I :
*went to church.
*binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19, these two made me laugh and cry
*had a date with my wonderful bed.
*managed to chat with my friends and family.
*Did a little bit of spring cleaning and it was therapeutic.
*Prepared one of my favourite dishes for supper

Realised that I:
*I miss listening to SoProfound’s voice on the radio.
*How much I had missed reading and not reading a book is good as torture to my overactive imagination😩.

Grateful for:
*The gift of life, good health and a roof over my head.
*For my best friend’s recovery.

I would like to know how your weekend was, can’t wait to read your comments😊

Published by tcndangana

The girl with an overactive imagination

9 thoughts on “Life update

  1. Love the picture of the 🌺… I like and I want.
    You looking gorgeous and here Iam reading you. Mine update is me trying to jump back into writing. Maybe I should give an update too who knows. We shall see.

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