Take a walk in the library

Hello my lovely, how is 2022 treating you? Here are some of the quotes from the books that I read but failed to review on The Baobab. The stories were raw and I could see parts of myself in these stories. Now that I am forgivenšŸ˜… do read the quotes and look for these sevenContinue reading “Take a walk in the library”

A review-Who moved my Cheese?

Author: Spencer JohnsonBook cover:3/5Overall rating: 4/5 Which character do you resonate with?* Do you resist change like Hem?*Do you sniff change like Sniff?*Will you learn to adapt to change like Haw?*Will you Scurry into action like Scurry? SummaryWho moved my cheese is a parable about two little people (Hem and Haw) and two mice (SniffContinue reading “A review-Who moved my Cheese?”

Be kind to yourself

It was not an easy battle but you chose to fight.A fight that killed a part of you.You were wounded and scared on the battlefield.You prayed and cried to your Maker each day.Begging Him to let you float rather than sink. The tears have stained your heart.The screaming robbed you of your voice.Your body carriesContinue reading “Be kind to yourself”

Around the campfire

The day we sat around the campfire we realized that we had lost so much . We had forced ourselvesĀ to believe that we were immune to pain andĀ we had decided to bottle our pain and anger inside. Little did we know that our emotions and feelings are alive and it is impossible to bury them.Continue reading “Around the campfire”

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