Starting all over again

This poem is for anyone who is making a big decision. It’s okay to start all over againšŸ¤—.

I forgot to cover the bruises and the scars today.
Oh, my this is how far it has gone.
There is a voice whispering saying, it will not end well,”.

I have avoided all the signs and the fear has been crippling.

Will I be able to start afresh?
Is it easy to start all over again?

I have tried to wear a brave face and to take one day at a time.
But a day at a time feels like an eternity.
Maybe the second hand of a clock is only moving.

I don’t want to lose myself, I have lost myself before and bouncing back was not easy.
It’s time I make myself the priority.
It’s time I make a difficult decision to do right by myself.

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Published by tcndangana

The girl with an overactive imagination

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