For six months she left work early to prepare supper for her husband. When she arrived late at the Women’s group she always included her husband in her apologies. “Baba and I will be travelling to the village over the weekend, but I can make my payment before we leave”. Stella’s life was a lieContinue reading “Heartache”

Don’t give up, Keep going!

The sun will rise again. Maybe it will not rise today or the day after but it will eventually rise. I know how it feels to be a spectator in your own life. To have nothing to look forward to and to be angry at yourself. Maybe you are angry at yourself because you failedContinue reading “Don’t give up, Keep going!”

Be kind to yourself

It was not an easy battle but you chose to fight.A fight that killed a part of you.You were wounded and scared on the battlefield.You prayed and cried to your Maker each day.Begging Him to let you float rather than sink. The tears have stained your heart.The screaming robbed you of your voice.Your body carriesContinue reading “Be kind to yourself”

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