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The Chat series: A chat with Vuyo Brown

Who is Vuyo Brown?
She is a Zimbabwean Singer, Songwriter and Contemporary Christian Artist.
She creates, she sings, she serves.

When did you know that you could sing?
My earliest memory is at 6 or 7 years old. I sang and danced; I really enjoyed it. I’d put on shows for my mum or anyone really who cared to watch.

How did you feel when you made your first performance?
Probably ecstatic. There are so many different types of first performances I’ve had. From infront of friends, school, church, public. They all have “an excitement for the next” afterwards. I am always looking forward to the next.

Walk us through your songwriting process.
I think I don’t like this question.
This has become even more private than when I first began and there’ll be a time to bring people into it. Right now maybe I can just say it involves a lot of conversations with the Holy Spirit.

What have been some of the highlights of your musical career?
Right now I can only think of two significant moments because they meant something to me. The day people called and texted to congratulate me on a ZIMA nomination, which is how I found out. It was my first ever and it was in the Jazz category. It was the confirmation I needed at the time. Lol I was like “okay I might be better than I think”
The next significant time was when Kalawa Jazmeer, Sony Music, and Universal shared about me because of a song I’d done with Speedy of Bongo Maffin. It seems small but it was huge for me. For me, such things become a confirmation of beliefs or knowledge I’d have already had.

Do you believe that Zimbabweans are doing their best in promoting creatives?
No. But the Zimbabwean music industry is growing. It will get there someday. 2020 made a lot of people pay more attention to Zimbabwean artists. A lot of conversations began and some of them have been yielding results so far. We’ll get there.

What do you believe makes a great song?
It’s relatability and a catchy main melody.

How have you managed to overcome imposter syndrome and creative blocks?
I would like to think I HAVE overcome imposter syndrome, but I do hope so.
I stay in my lane and move at my own pace anyway. I am sensitive and try my best to be aware of MY seasons and times “unto everything there is a time and season” … The hope and aim are to always be where I am meant to be.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
From God and His desire for His creation. From my relationship with the Holy Spirit. From observing people and their experiences.

How do you prepare for a show or performance?
I’ll just tell you I am mentally not available for anything the night before into the next day of the show. And I drink a lot of water.

How does Vuyo Brown unwind after a long day?
I watch something I am excited about till I fall asleep.

You can also follow Vuyo Brown on her social media platforms

Twitter -TheVuyoBrown

Instagram- Vuyo Brown

Facebook- Vuyo Brown

YouTube – Vuyo Brown

Thula nhliziyo yami

Today I drove myself to a mental health and wellness center. There is no need to keep running away. It is high time I face all my demons, if I die then at least I tried. But dying would mean that I have failed Sizwe. How will she remember me when she is only two? I cried when I left my baby at my Amwene’s house but I am good as a grenade when I do explode I might end up hurting people who are close to my heart.

2022 was a good year, I managed to avoid all the possible triggers and I was okay. I was proud of myself for giving my mental health a big chunk of my time and my energy. 2023 was going on well but everything just went south and I became a spectator in my own body. It is the thought of losing my mind that kept me awake at night. Then came the loss of concentration and I lost interest in all the activities that made me happy. I became angry at myself and I ended up scolding my child and shouting at my husband. I lost interest in my job and I would sit at my desk and fail to come up with a design for a new fabric material.

My husband saw all the signs and in a bid to help me, I pushed him away. To be honest a human being reaches a breaking point. I hope that the note I left on the kitchen counter will make me realise how sorry I am. I hope that he will love the broken glass I have turned into. I hope to walk out of this place a healed woman and ready to be an amazing wife and mother. I hope they will be waiting for me because the thought of Sizwe and Thomas is the only thing that will keep me going in here.

Not all days are diamonds

Today is one of those tiring and exhausting days. I have not felt like this in a long time. To be honest I had forgotten how it feels. I am trying to reach out to my happy self but I cannot find her. I do not have the strength and I will force myself to go through the day. I really wish I could go to my sad corner and cry but then I do not even what is making me feel this way.

I have been so forgetful and it is beginning to make me so angry. Every part of my body hurts; on a scale from one to 10, it is definitely a 10. I am angry at myself for hurting the people who are close to me. I am angry at my mind for failing me. Should I take out the brain and either massage it or I should tear it apart?
I cannot wait for the sunset because maybe there is a chance that whatever that I am feeling will be buried by the sun’s rays.

Hey my lovelies, have you ever felt like this before? If you did how have you managed to bounce back?

Do not be too hard on me

Do not be annoyed when I kiss and watch my child sleep. You have no idea how many pregnancy tests I took. You should have seen the look on my face when the pregnancy did not have one but two lines.

Do not make fun of me when I rush home to my family. It took me years to build a home that I never had when I was growing up.

Why do you have to roll your eyes every time you see me with my partner? Were you there by my side when I had numerous heartbreaks? I had given up on love, but I am living my best life with my partner.

Do not take screenshots when you see me posting my loved ones. Do you know how difficult my life has been? Have you ever been a regular customer at the funeral home? So let me celebrate the life of my loved ones

Is love supposed to break you?

As I drove into my parent’s driveway I allowed myself to be human and vulnerable. There was no pretending that I was okay, it was time to cry, to scream, to hear my heart crumbling into pieces, and to wait for my parents to say “but Tanya we warned you”. Ubucwebe is fast asleep and she has no idea what is happening. She is one of the many things that came out of my marriage. But I refuse to give up on my marriage. Do Themba and I have a fighting chance?

The two of us were optimistic that our religions would not stand in the way of our love. Our only difference was the fact that I was a Christian and Themba was a Muslim. Themba and I were happy until reality looked us right in our faces and laid all the religious facts on the table. We thought we had everything figured out but we didn’t. We began to disagree on the issues of which religion would Ubucwebe be introduced to when she was born. We tried to avoid and run away from our reality but we couldn’t anymore.

I began to suffocate in my home because conflict had become a regular guest. Themba and I tried to do our best but why were we lying to ourselves? But why isn’t love just enough? But I thought that we were allowed to marry whomever we wanted. Why do our religions make us different? Why is it the same story for some interracial marriages too?

I hugged my father and his soft rub on my back reminded me that I was safe. But I have always been safe with Themba. He has loved me unconditionally and he has allowed me to be my happy self. I cannot imagine a life without him. I miss him but I do need this break. This is a time to decide what will happen to our marriage. I wonder if he will come back for me or if he will look for a Muslim bride. Will I have the courage to tell Ubucwebe that religion stood in the way of our happy family?

You and I

Happy 2023 my lovelies. May this new year remind you that it is okay to start again and be kind to yourself.
This blog post is for anyone in love or looking for love. I hope you find what you are looking for.

On my happy and sad days, I want to remember your smile when you sing along to your favourite songs.
I usually pinch myself because it is so good to be true.
Guess that is what happens when you were so used to being heartbroken.
You are my Qhawe , I can hear my Zulu wives screaming.
How did I get this lucky?

I want to be your cheerleader, your best friend, and your prayer partner.
Relax, they are not wedding vows, it is just a reminder.
I hate it when we fight because I have to toss and turn all night.
Your messages or your phone calls always make me happy.

So it’s you and I falling in love and making great memories together.
It’s time we create our taxi rank love story!

You did your best ❤

You have come this far to be sulking. You have made it to the last day of 2022. Maybe you haven’t ticked everything off your to-do list or achieved your set goals but guess what? You are alive, healthy, and reading this. Surely it calls for celebration.

Count your blessings, applaud yourself for your achievements and remember to do your best in 2022.

You are a human being and you made a lot of mistakes this year. Maybe you were hesitant on taking the big step. But that’s okay. Wouldn’t it be lovely to do all the things that you wanted in 2023? I would love to see you excelling and challenging yourself every day.

All the best in 2023!

Our light

Today Oluwayemisi and I did not walk out of the maternity ward empty-handed. Two years back we left the hospital with a bag, broken hearts, and an empty stroller. Today Oluwayemisi and I walked out of the maternity ward with smiley faces, hearts filled with gratitude, and the newest member of our family Sbani. I cannot stop crying because God blessed me with a child when I least expected it.


My mother-in-law traveled all the way from Marondera and my Sarapavana chose to leave weeding her fields to be by my side. The love and the support are proof that I am raising a prince in a home full of love. Sbani will be our light and I believe that Olu and I will finally heal from the loss of our first child.
I am looking forward to an adventure of loving and mothering a whole human being. I cannot wait for the day he will call me Mama.

It’s okay until…

Everyone looks forward to spending time with family. Travelling long distances means nothing when you are going to be with your loved ones. It is a time to be with loved ones. But there are a lot of people who decided to leave early. This might be because of the conversations and the jokes that end up offending the next person.

As you travel home to be with family I want you to be kind to others. To avoid asking questions that might offend the next person. Stop asking people questions about their weight, when they will have another child, or when they will get married. Not everyone is willing to openly share that they have been trying to have a baby for some time, or that they cannot have another child because of a health condition.
Stop treating vakuwasha by their titles, or giving the muroora certain privileges because she sends money or groceries every month. Dear in-laws treat everyone fairly this festive holiday.

It’s your time to shine

Dear makoti

I see you and I know that it is not easy being a new bride or coming into a new home. I am sorry if some relatives have angered you or made you cry. I know that you do feel lost in a new home and long to go back home and be with your husband.

Everything might be confusing, and you might be experiencing culture shock. Maybe they do things completely differently from how you were to all your life. Maybe they use a big kango pot to prepare supper and all your life you were used to preparing supper for six people. The best thing is to ask muroora, or else you will be miserable during your visit. Accept correction and remember that this is your home too. You might only leave this home when you die.

To my lazy sister wives, put out your best act during the visit. You are not out there to impress anyone. Just be yourself and be open to learning. Brace yourself for an adventure!

Lots of love

Makoti in waiting