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The adventure

Two years ago I published my first blog post. I was happy and scared at the same time. It had been years since I had considered having my own blog. I have failed at being a great plant Mum but I believe that I have been taking this blogging thing seriously. My blog has beenContinue reading “The adventure”

WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness: S is for self-care

No one is going to come and tell you to slow down. You need to take the much-needed rest and avoid straining yourself.  No one is going to come and save you and this is why you should be kind to yourself. When was the last time you bought your favourite snack? It would beContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness: S is for self-care”

A review: Who will cry when you die?

Author: Robin SharmaCover rating:3/50verall rating 4.6/5Themes: self-discovery, fear, hope, happiness, independence, stress management, family, gratitude, self-love SummaryWho will cry when you die encourages a reader to live his or her best life while they can. This life is full of uncertainties and it is only wiser to do whatever makes you happy now. Although weContinue reading “A review: Who will cry when you die?”

Starting all over again

This poem is for anyone who is making a big decision. It’s okay to start all over againšŸ¤—. I forgot to cover the bruises and the scars today.Oh, my this is how far it has gone.There is a voice whispering saying, it will not end well,”. I have avoided all the signs and the fearContinue reading “Starting all over again”

My dear Queens

Thank you for being there for me.Thank you for being my teachers, friends and role models.You are brave, loving, caring and determined .You have taught me that it is better to fix each other’s crown than watch it fall onto the ground. You have made a lot of sacrifices.You do not tire from doing good.FromContinue reading “My dear Queens”

Minding your own business

I decided to cut my hair last year in August . When I was in high school I used to visit the barbershop a few days before schools reopened, this is because I had to abide by the school rules. Although I had previously trimmed my hair, it had never crossed my mind that IContinue reading “Minding your own business”