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The three-generation series: Mama I am now a big girl (2)

Hello, my lovelies. If you did miss out on the first part of the series you can read it here I remember praying for a little sister. It was on those days Wrestling was everything we watched on television. Those brothers of mine would WWE me every single day lol and I often foundContinue reading “The three-generation series: Mama I am now a big girl (2)”

If I could spend a day with him

If he was still here today he would have told me that he is proud of me. He would have embraced me and reminded me that he loved me. He would have said that Mummy raised us well and that Holdee, Sdu, and I turned out fine. Sekuru would have smiled when he discovered thatContinue reading “If I could spend a day with him”

A book review: Tomorrow I become a woman

Author:Aiwanose OdafenCover rating: 4/5 Overall rating: 5/5Themes: family, love, religion, death marriage, wealth, friendship, gender-based violence, “The damage couldn’t be covered by makeup; the bruises were much too dark and the swellings were much too pronounced no matter how much ice I put on them”. What I learned from the book-Love can be toxic.-There isContinue reading “A book review: Tomorrow I become a woman”

A book review- An Elegy for Easterly

Author: Petina GappahCover rating: 3/5Overall rating:4/5Themes: corruption, family, marriage, poverty, HIV and AIDS, funeral rites, death, black tax, infertility, love, mental health We are three days into the new month. How has the new month treating you?  Don’t be too hard on yourself you are doing your best and I think it is brave thatContinue reading “A book review- An Elegy for Easterly”

A book review -And after many days

Hello my lovely readers, trust that you are well. Someone close to wrote this review. I hope you will like it. I have dedicated the month of August to reviewing all the books that I have read. But before the reviews, I have a surprise for you❤ Book Title: And After many daysAuthor: Jowhor IleContinue reading “A book review -And after many days”

Baba’s return

Hello my lovelies hope you are well. I missed you so much and I look forward to sharing my stories with you❤ The catering team served a delicious breakfast this morning. Chiko and I  had more than two servings, if Ma wasn’t in a sad state she could have scolded us. “You should have aContinue reading “Baba’s return”

Bleeding wounds

Ma has been crying in her sleep. She wishes she could have been with Baba during his days on earth. Ma wonders if he was scared, comfortable or hopeful that he would come home. Baba never got a chance to bury the love of his life, he was in quarantine and he was only ableContinue reading “Bleeding wounds”