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A merry heart😄😊

It is a few hours before we roll over the scroll on our calendars or receive a notification that it is the new month. I say goodbye to September with so much joy and I hope October will be far much kinder to me. My highlightsBirthday celebrations*My baby sister turned another year. It was herContinue reading “A merry heart😄😊”

Hope is all I need

If  I  never make it home alive or in the right state of mind, always remember that I loved you. Remind yourselves that Musa had the best interests for you at heart. I am pained that I will not be able to see you until I get better. To be honest I am not sureContinue reading “Hope is all I need”

A book review- An Elegy for Easterly

Author: Petina GappahCover rating: 3/5Overall rating:4/5Themes: corruption, family, marriage, poverty, HIV and AIDS, funeral rites, death, black tax, infertility, love, mental health We are three days into the new month. How has the new month treating you?  Don’t be too hard on yourself you are doing your best and I think it is brave thatContinue reading “A book review- An Elegy for Easterly”

I am doing my best

Hello my lovely readers. I hope you are well and thank you for taking the walk with me. I will be publishing my blog posts on Wednesdays and Fridays. Have a restful weekend. Behind the smiles, there is an untold story. A story of pain, disappointments and lost hope. Each day he carries his defeatedContinue reading “I am doing my best”

WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness: An act of love

My father was institutionalised today and he hates me. Baba believes that I signed the admission forms so that I can get rid of him. I couldn’t watch him hurt himself and become a different man. Baba never cried and always bottled his emotions. He always carried someone’s burdens as his own. Baba would haveContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness: An act of love”

A review -Chances

Author: Audrey ChirenjeCover rating:3/5Overall rating:4/5Themes: love, forgiveness, trauma, family, relationships, loss of a child, forgiveness, mental health SUMMARYRopafadzo Kondwani lives in Canada and is Riko’s sister who we met in Life will humble you which happens to be Audrey Chirenje’s first offering. The events in Audrey Chirenje’s two books seems to be interconnected and IContinue reading “A review -Chances”

A review- These things

A review- These things Author- Elizabeth AworiCover rating-3/5Overall rating -3/5Themes- Mental health, love, loss, memories, abuse, masculinity, therapy SummaryThese things is a collection of poetry which is divided into four parts.*Mauwa*Pecho*Buuru*Baluwa The poems are not far-fetched and they will take you back to a time or a person. Although the poems are fictional the readerContinue reading “A review- These things”

The mind is a jewel

A happy new week to you my lovely readers, there are so many reasons for you to smile and if you haven’t been taking care of yourself start doing so today! World Mental Health Day is celebrated on the 10th of October every year. I believe that there need to be more conversations around mentalContinue reading “The mind is a jewel”