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Thula nhliziyo yami

Today I drove myself to a mental health and wellness center. There is no need to keep running away. It is high time I face all my demons, if I die then at least I tried. But dying would mean that I have failed Sizwe. How will she remember me when she is only two?Continue reading “Thula nhliziyo yami”

The uncalled for questions series: Why are you not applying for a job?

Being unemployed is challenging on its own, but imagine being asked if you are applying or not. Some questions are not appropriate, and people should learn to be more lenient when they ask such questions. If you cannot ask in a way that it’s not offensive, simply keep it to yourself. No one, in theirContinue reading “The uncalled for questions series: Why are you not applying for a job?”

I can’t wait to meet you

I am in the last trimester of my pregnancy and firstly my teenage year’s prayers have been answered: Mama gained weight. But my joy was short-lived because I ended up crying and I was late for work that day. When you are pregnant, not everyone feels sorry for you, my supervisor gave me a verbalContinue reading “I can’t wait to meet you”

I am doing my best

Hello my lovely readers. I hope you are well and thank you for taking the walk with me. I will be publishing my blog posts on Wednesdays and Fridays. Have a restful weekend. Behind the smiles, there is an untold story. A story of pain, disappointments and lost hope. Each day he carries his defeatedContinue reading “I am doing my best”

This too shall pass

May you heal and have the strength to go through the day. May your tears ease the pain and may the good memories comfort you. You cannot change everything but you ought to find peace over the things you cannot change. Remember, you are stronger than you think. I hope the past experiences will giveContinue reading “This too shall pass”

You are stronger than you think

You are doing okaySoldier on, don’t give up.Never let your faults and imperfections bring you down.Don’t be too hard on yourself.Forgive yourself for your past mistakesPlease be kind to yourself. Cry, dance, write it downJust look for a way to express your emotions and feelings.Always remember that nothing lasts forever.Spring is a reminder that somethingContinue reading “You are stronger than you think”