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A book review: The visit

Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Cover rating: 4/5Overall rating: 5/5Themes: family, marriage, masculinity, love, independence, marriage, wealth, friendship “Thirties? You must be joking. A man still without a wife at the age of twenty-eight is like that deflated piece of rubber—useless,” SummaryThe Visit is a story about Eze and Obinna who have been friends since theyContinue reading “A book review: The visit”

The fire has not been extinguished

Our bank balances may be in the negative. Our pantries may be almost empty and the fuel tanks in our motor vehicles are not able to ferry us to our next destinations. Our mother’s words still echo in our ears that we should keep on working hard and strive to make an honest living. It’sContinue reading “The fire has not been extinguished”

The uncalled for questions series: Why are you not getting married?

Welcome to The Baobab. It’s the last week of the series. I hope you have learned a lot of lessons. A big thank you to everyone who took part in the series. I remember being a teenager and wishing I was an adult. Now, I am finally an adult and this phase is hard. NoContinue reading “The uncalled for questions series: Why are you not getting married?”

Uncalled for questions: Why I am no longer talking about love?

Once upon a time, I was a hopeless romantic, a dreamer, a lover, and a seeker of butterflies. I had big plans and they all included settling down with the cream cheese to my cinnamon rolls and popping some hot cross buns. That never happened till I met the man I hoped I would marry.Continue reading “Uncalled for questions: Why I am no longer talking about love?”

Uncalled for questions: Why I don’t have children?

I want to be ready before I have children. I want to be financially ready so that my children do not grow up thinking that they are a financial burden.I want to be financially ready so that in my old age I will be able to take care of myself and not rely on myContinue reading “Uncalled for questions: Why I don’t have children?”

The uncalled for questions series

Did you know that some people in society are normalizing what is not normal? Some people don’t know when to draw the line and they hurt and kill someone slowly. On the other hand, some people just find so much joy in watching the next person cry. I have been asked a lot of weirdContinue reading “The uncalled for questions series”

Uncalled-for questions:Why I have gained weight

My family always tells me that I have always been a bubbly, goal-getter, determined, and energetic soul. I loved who I was and I never had insecurities about my body. The body- shaming conversation never had room in our household. Although my friends were not big-bodied I never had insecurities about my body. They treatedContinue reading “Uncalled-for questions:Why I have gained weight”

A merry heart😄😊

It is a few hours before we roll over the scroll on our calendars or receive a notification that it is the new month. I say goodbye to September with so much joy and I hope October will be far much kinder to me. My highlightsBirthday celebrations*My baby sister turned another year. It was herContinue reading “A merry heart😄😊”

A better life

We come from small government houses that do not have access to running water and we make friends at the communal borehole. Our younger siblings play in the street and bonds are created. When there isn’t an electrical connection we use lamps to study and when we have power, some of our friends come andContinue reading “A better life”

I can’t wait to meet you

I am in the last trimester of my pregnancy and firstly my teenage year’s prayers have been answered: Mama gained weight. But my joy was short-lived because I ended up crying and I was late for work that day. When you are pregnant, not everyone feels sorry for you, my supervisor gave me a verbalContinue reading “I can’t wait to meet you”