My happiest memory

When she let out her first cry I was relieved.The wait was finally over.Her fingers were so small.She struggled to open her eyes and she had a father’s eyesNot forgetting my ears ‘hombe dzakatiza musoro‘. As I watched her, tears wet my cheeks.When I held her for the first time I was happy.She was myContinue reading “My happiest memory”


For six months she left work early to prepare supper for her husband. When she arrived late at the Women’s group she always included her husband in her apologies. “Baba and I will be travelling to the village over the weekend, but I can make my payment before we leave”. Stella’s life was a lieContinue reading “Heartache”

Should we hold on or let go?

I do have a name and an identity.Why do you treat me like a stranger?Do you still remember the words, “I do?”I promised to take this walk with you.If you want to cycle, sail and swim to your destination I will do it with you. Why do you act like you are forced to comeContinue reading “Should we hold on or let go?”

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