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Love is not enough

Not a day goes by without me thinking of you and wishing I had her to myself. Sometimes I wish I had kept her but I had nothing to give her. She is happy and her parents love her. Her parents gave her the world that I could not give her. Telling Sizwakele that IContinue reading “Love is not enough”

The Adulting series: Drunk aunts and Uncles

Do you remember when you were young and happy and had such big dreams of what kind of life you wanted to have? I remember I wanted to be a lawyer because everyone wanted to be either that or a doctor. But the older I got the more I realised that no man, I wantContinue reading “The Adulting series: Drunk aunts and Uncles”

The adulting series:Is adulting a scam?

Hello my lovely readers. The adulting series continues. Enjoy🤗 Adulthood phew, it has taught me a lot. It’s funny how I always wanted to be a grown-up not knowing how much of a scam it is😔. It has taught me to prioritize myself always because when your friend, partner, or sibling gets the opportunity, theyContinue reading “The adulting series:Is adulting a scam?”

A book review: A Family Affair

, Author: Sue NyathiCover rating: 5/5Overall rating:4/5Themes: family, religion, marriage, abuse, economic hardships, adultery, corruption, guilt “Politics is a dirty game. Marriage is even dirtier” SummaryA Family Affair is a story that evolves around the Mafu family. The Mafu family is a Christian well–up family that lives in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. The family experiences a lotContinue reading “A book review: A Family Affair”