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The uncalled-for questions series: Why I don’t have a boyfriend

Welcome to the last episode of the uncalled-for questions series. This is the last episode and I am hurt that the series has to come to an end. But I am forever grateful to the six women who chose to share their stories. Dear reader, I do hope that this series taught you something IContinue reading “The uncalled-for questions series: Why I don’t have a boyfriend”

Uncalled for questions: Why I am no longer talking about love?

Once upon a time, I was a hopeless romantic, a dreamer, a lover, and a seeker of butterflies. I had big plans and they all included settling down with the cream cheese to my cinnamon rolls and popping some hot cross buns. That never happened till I met the man I hoped I would marry.Continue reading “Uncalled for questions: Why I am no longer talking about love?”

The Adulting series: Drunk aunts and Uncles

Do you remember when you were young and happy and had such big dreams of what kind of life you wanted to have? I remember I wanted to be a lawyer because everyone wanted to be either that or a doctor. But the older I got the more I realised that no man, I wantContinue reading “The Adulting series: Drunk aunts and Uncles”

The adulting series:Is adulting a scam?

Hello my lovely readers. The adulting series continues. Enjoy🤗 Adulthood phew, it has taught me a lot. It’s funny how I always wanted to be a grown-up not knowing how much of a scam it is😔. It has taught me to prioritize myself always because when your friend, partner, or sibling gets the opportunity, theyContinue reading “The adulting series:Is adulting a scam?”

The adulting series: My story

If our former high school English language teachers would give us an assignment or an essay titled “Adulting” every one of us would have a good mark. This is because the adulting essay is a lived experience. It is a lived experience.The adulting series was inspired been inspired by an article on The Watch withContinue reading “The adulting series: My story”

WinterABC2021 Day 20 – Bhudhi Farai

  Welcome to the storytelling week, my readers😊. This month has been exciting and I am happy that I decided to take part in the AfroBloggers Winter Challenge 2021. When Mhai (mother) opened the front gate a part of my heart sank and a part of it was beating like an African drum. He hadContinue reading “WinterABC2021 Day 20 – Bhudhi Farai”

Going down memory lane (14)

E’s Experience 🌻How would you rate your high school years out of 10? 9/10 🌻What was the worst thing that happened to you when you were in high school? Being barred from entering the class because I hadn’t paid my school fees. 🌻What was your favourite subject and why? Agriculture, I understood the subject effortlessly.Continue reading “Going down memory lane (14)”

Going down memory lane(13)

M’s experience 🌻How would you rate your high school years out of 10? Out of 10 I will give my high school years a 9. I really enjoyed high school given an option I don’t mind repeating those years 🌻What was the worst thing that happened to you when you were in high school? TheContinue reading “Going down memory lane(13)”

Going down memory lane(6)

Happy new week my lovely readers😊. I hope that this week is going to be fruitful. Are you enjoying the series? Do not forget to like, share and comment-The Baobab B’s experience 🌻How would you rate your high school years out of 10?7/10.Friendships I made during my high-school years have proved to be worth while.Continue reading “Going down memory lane(6)”

The post-graduation era

Dear Emily I hope that this letter finds you well and in good health. Congratulations  my dear on completing your Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. I am so proud of you . I was really heart broken when I received the news that no guest would be allowed at your graduation ceremony.  This is because IContinue reading “The post-graduation era”