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A book review: Tomorrow I become a woman

Author:Aiwanose OdafenCover rating: 4/5 Overall rating: 5/5Themes: family, love, religion, death marriage, wealth, friendship, gender-based violence, “The damage couldn’t be covered by makeup; the bruises were much too dark and the swellings were much too pronounced no matter how much ice I put on them”. What I learned from the book-Love can be toxic.-There isContinue reading “A book review: Tomorrow I become a woman”

Uncalled for questions: Why I don’t have children?

I want to be ready before I have children. I want to be financially ready so that my children do not grow up thinking that they are a financial burden.I want to be financially ready so that in my old age I will be able to take care of myself and not rely on myContinue reading “Uncalled for questions: Why I don’t have children?”

……I pray for her more than me

My knees are bruised from kupfugama. Mind you I am not scrubbing the floor, that ship has sailed I have accepted that I won’t be a perfect makoti. I have been kneeling in prayer and I am now able to pray for others. I have lost my voice and I have wept at Jesus’ feetContinue reading “……I pray for her more than me”

A book review: Yinka, where is your husband?

Hello my lovelies, today is your lucky day🥰🥰🥰. You got two reviews in one day. I was supposed to publish the other book review two days ago but unfortunately, I was having challenges with my network service provider. I hope the reviews were worth the wait.-The Baobab😊🤭 Author: Lizzie Damilola BlackburnCover rating: 4/5Overall rating:3/5Themes: family,Continue reading “A book review: Yinka, where is your husband?”

A book review: A Family Affair

, Author: Sue NyathiCover rating: 5/5Overall rating:4/5Themes: family, religion, marriage, abuse, economic hardships, adultery, corruption, guilt “Politics is a dirty game. Marriage is even dirtier” SummaryA Family Affair is a story that evolves around the Mafu family. The Mafu family is a Christian well–up family that lives in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. The family experiences a lotContinue reading “A book review: A Family Affair”

WinterABC2022 Stories of our World:African Spirituality

“Wherever the African is, there is religion”-J. S Mbiti I looked at my son and smiled, he was now a grown man. He was no longer throwing tantrums or sulking and yet I always referred to him as my little boy. He was leaving home for the University of Zimbabwe. Would he be able toContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories of our World:African Spirituality”

WinterABC2022 Stories of Africa: Africa my motherland

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa” -John Hemingway You are beautiful as the African sunset, your people surely inherited the beauty from you. The beat of the drum always warms an African heart. If one starts a song, everyone will join in unison and your children will dance until theContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories of Africa: Africa my motherland”

Camp meeting memories

Worship has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and people have now resorted to home worship. Going to church gave me a sense of belonging and it was always nice seeing my churchmates. I am sure every one of us wishes that the global pandemic would come to an end so that they could beContinue reading “Camp meeting memories”

A book review- Who am l to speak

Author:  Blessing  E MoyoCover rating :3Overall rating:4 Who am l to speak is a poetry collection that discusses the challenges and the struggles that commoners face. The author talks about how the ideas or views of a commoner are ignored whereas the rich always have their way. However for a society to thrive the commonersContinue reading “A book review- Who am l to speak”