The blast furnace

“Each age comes with its pressures“, The words that my aunt said while rekindling the fire a decade ago makes a lot of sense now. I was wrong for judging her, she has walked the paths before, she has been thrown in the deep end and I have lost count of how many times adulthood has been unkind to her.

I prefer being in my apartment, sitting on my couch and watching the members of staff from the supermarket close to my house receive their deliveries. Life goes on whether I sit on the couch and wear my misery cap or wear my beautiful smile.

Sometimes when you have tried so hard or rather done your best you wonder where you went wrong. But it has dawned to me on countless occasions that life has no formula.
I want to be like them, I want to walk down the aisle too, I want to look forward to leaving my workplace and going to a home full of love, I want to raise a tiny human being that looks like me. Is it possible to ask my peers how they have managed to balance a lot of responsibilities without them making fun of them? When will I be able to know that this is the right time?

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The girl with an overactive imagination

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