Brand Loyalty

Have you ever wondered why your parents only buy a particular brand of peanut butter? Maybe it is time you sit them down and ask them why they have been loyal to several brands. These brands have been part of your household and they have been a part of your life.

As I look back I have realised that I have been loyal to particular brands firstly because that’s what my mother preferred to buy and they somehow rubbed onto me.

Fast forward to my adult years, there is a particular shoe brand that dominants my shoe closet. This brand has been a part of my life since I could walk. The colourful canvas shoes were comfortable when I was in kindergarten. When I went to first grade I wore the shoe with confidence. I wore this shoe brand on my first date, job interview and when I had a run around town.  This particular brand has had my back for as long as I remember and we will stick together until the end.

I have been loyal to a particular sanitary ware brand because it gave me confidence in my first period. Although I was anxious, this brand became my friend and its brand name always makes me smile and remember that my period is a happy time🙃

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