The journey by bus

The dusty roads and the overcrowded bus terminus brought back a nostalgic feeling of home. Going home to the rural areas means spending time with loved ones and being in a different space where you are surrounded by nature and cattle bells and goats bleating rather than the unending car hoots.

This bus might remind you of the good or the bad memories.

Some go home to be with their parents or grandparents is also time to celebrate their wins and ask for advice on certain issues.

The carrier of the bus might be packed with groceries and gifts from loved ones in the city. Although some families are unable to travel to the rural areas they make sure that they have sent the bus driver with a parcel to be delivered to their homestead. The enclosed letter warms parents hearts since they are notified that their children and their families are well.

This bus also reminds some people of what they have lost and they only hold onto the memories since death robbed some parents of the opportunity of watching their children disembark from a bus.

Lastly, for some families, this bus reminds them that they can reconcile with their loved ones. Fix the wrongs and loved ones

Although the journey to the rural areas can be uncomfortable, it will never dampen someone’s spirit because they will focus on the bigger goal which is meeting their loved ones.
What does the bus or the overcrowded bus terminus remind you of?

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