Baba has been ignoring me and he always looks away when he sees me. It would have been better if he told me why he is angry at me. The silent treatment is eating me up and when I lie in my bed I ask myself where did I go wrong? I have been a troublesome child, I have broken the rules but he never punished me then. When I realised my mistakes I would scold myself and promise not to repeat the same mistake.

Why is he punishing me now when I have been a good child? I have done everything that he expected of me and I have apologised for my past mistakes. I have knelt and asked him where I have gone wrong but he won’t utter a word.

It would be better if he could sit me down and tell me why he is punishing me. Maybe that way the burden would be bearable. I am confused, hurt and in pain. I wish he could embrace me and forgive me and tell me why he is angry at me.

Published by tcndangana

The girl with an overactive imagination

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