A book review -Appearances or Not

Book Title: Appearances or Not
Author: Audrey Chirenje
Overall rating:4/5
Cover rating 4/5
Themes: Culture, marriage, love, societal expectations, friendship, family

Appearances or Not is a story about two people from two different worlds who meet and fall in love. Margot Biriri is the owner of MargoTech and she resides in The Grange. Whereas Farai Chifuniro Banda is the Technical Manager at Hugh Mechanic and resides in Glen Norah. Margot assumes that Farai is a mushika shika driver because she gives Margot and Farai a ride on their way from work. Farai was in the pirate taxi business because he wanted some extra money. Farai falls for Margot and tries by all means to impress Margot but his efforts are in vain.

Farai openly tells Margot that he wants to marry her but Margot just brushes off the idea. Margot is not excited about dating Farai because of her failed relationships and Farai’s accent and dressing do not sit well with her. Farai’s friends advise him not to date Margot because she is out of his league but these words do not dampen Farai’s spirit. Farai is willing to let Margot into his world, and the experiences are exciting, eye-opening and stressful for Margot. Both families (Margot’s and Farai’s) are not in support of their relationship but their relationship conquers all odds.

P.S The book has an exciting and unexpected turn of events.

What I loved about the book
*Farai was honest about who he was and he never tried to change his appearance.
* Margot and Farai’s relationship managed to break the class barriers and societal expectations.
*Culture does not have to oppress the bride.
*Parents always want the best for their children.

Favourite Quote
“Although they regarded themselves as hundred per cent coconuts-white inside and black outside, the bottom line for me was you remain black with a rural home and background and still be called by your totem“.

Do I recommend this book? Yes

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