A book review-In her Words Volume 2: Perspectives of African Girls on Gender equality

Book Title: In her words Volume 2: Perspective of African Girls on Gender equality
Overall rating:4/5
Cover rating: 3/5 Themes: Gender equality, societal expectations, feminism, storytelling


I was elated when I was notified that the young girls aged 13-18 years were going to be contributing to the Volume 2 of In her words. 14 young girls were able to share their personal stories in the hope of inspiring some girls and women out there and also advocate for gender equality. Some of these stories made me smile because these young girls were able to stand for what they believed and not let society bully them and be in charge of their lives.

In this book, most of the contributors are advocating for equal opportunities for the girl child and the boy child. It is high we create a world where there is no discrimination because of gender. Most of the girls were able to challenge the status quo in their societies and schools. There are a lot of women who have been advocating for gender equality and in some cases, society has not been kind to them. Even though society has been unkind to them, they refused to let their voices be silenced and I believe that their work has inspired many women, myself included.

The contributors were able to share some of their personal experiences that have made them cry . Some women will do whatever it takes to bring another woman down but that should never steal your joy. Some people find it unacceptable to allow a woman excel and instead of applauding her hard work they will try by all means to crush her spirit. May this challenge you to do better, to support a girl instead of hating her. Each age comes with its expectations and pressures in most cases, society will find fault in something that a woman is excelling at. Instead of finding fault in everything make it your goal to support others and ask yourself if you were going to be judgemental if the same was done by a man?

What I loved about the book
-Young girls also want to live in a world where gender equality exists.
-You should not let societal expectations bring you down.
-Your story can inspire someone.
-Some of the experiences that the contributors shared, I have experienced them before or I know someone who has experienced them before. It helped me connect with the writers.
-Women are not superheroes, they cannot do everything and that’s okay.

Favourite Quote from the book To society:
“I am not a commodity. My worth is not measured by whether or not I
have been padlocked to a man in the name of marriage. My pride does
not depend on whether or not a man has knelt to ask for my freedom.
My worth is not dependent on whether or not I have been able to cough
out a battalion of children, of course with preference to males. Do not
define me by these things just because I have female organs. Do not define me according to the behavior or preferences of other women. Allow
me to be me. Allow me to choose who I want to be. Give me freedom.
Give women the freedom they deserve.” Ngwu Princess Adanna Chioma

Do I recommend this book? Yes

You can download a free copy of the book HERE

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