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Around the campfire

Image from pexels

The day we sat around the campfire we realized that we had lost so much . We had forced ourselves to believe that we were immune to pain and we had decided to bottle our pain and anger inside. Little did we know that our emotions and feelings are alive and it is impossible to bury them.

We had carried heavy burdens on our shoulders because we thought it was shameful to openly talk about our emotions and feelings. There was a time I felt trapped and I believed that  there was no one who could save me. Whenever Jabu looked in the mirror he would shed a tear because his life was full of disappointments. Mbali had given up on love because everyone she met always broke her heart. Poor Jonso had recently buried the love of his life.

It is never easy for someone to admit that they are  depressed. This is because a lot of people in my society believe that being depressed is an act of attention seeking. This is why some people have decided to bottle their pain,anger and grief inside.

If someone saw us sitting around the campfire they would definitely conclude that we are happy bunch of friends. One  would conclude that we are brave, strong  and always happy. My friends and I have fought battles that could have killed us and sitting around the campfire is indeed a miracle.

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