Am I Yours , Truly?

The response made me cry 😢 (maybe it’s because I am an emotional human being🙈). It felt so real, that’s why you should read the letter too.

[ This is a response to : Yours Truly by MaMo ] MaMo, Our union has been nothing short of amazing but maybe it belongs in the past because it has been tense for a while now. I do apologize for using your emotions as a crutch for some time . We were so in […]

Am I Yours , Truly?

Published by tcndangana

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3 thoughts on “Am I Yours , Truly?

  1. Who said we shouldn’t let those tears fall? That doesn’t make us any less of human beings. Our eyes feel the extreme emotions within us and they release the small streams of water.

    The letter is really touching. It is a goodbye in this minute but a… “Can we make this work?” … the next minute.

    The husband is indecisive which is ok for us who are in support of building better marriages.

    Good enough he is thinking of the possibilities of making amends that which went wrong. It’s never too late to start afresh while still in marriage.

    Thanks dear for sharing the post on here.

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