Yours truly

Dear Q

My hands are shaking and my heart aches and to be honest writing this letter is not easy.  Referring to our union in the past tense will only rip my heart apart. Q, I have a lot of questions and sadly I don’t have the answers. Where did I go wrong? One moment we were in love and inseparable but now it seems like we are always in each other’s space.

I am not ready to say goodbye, I thought we had time. The thought of us growing old together and taking sunset walks always made me smile. I am scared that my plans for our future will vanish into thin air.

Everything hurts, I feel powerless and the reason why I  have been reading novels is that they have helped me escape. I am not ready to face my reality and I would rather run away from it as long as I can.

You are not the man I fell in love with but it won’t be fair to blame you for everything. I have made a lot of mistakes in the past too. Maybe we have outgrown each other and, no matter how hard I try to fit the missing puzzle piece on its spot it will never fit.

Q, I thought that we had time to build a home and watch Omusana grow into an adorable young woman together. Everything is happening too fast and I don’t have the strength to keep up.

I want the best for you and maybe letting you go, means that I love you. But I don’t want you to walk away without fighting for what we have. Do you still remember the battles we have conquered?

My love, I will respect your decision no matter what and always remember that I will always love you.



I have a surprise for you🤗.Q is going to reply to the letter tomorrow and I know that you will love it🤗!

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