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The happiest girl alive

It’s good to be back😊 and I hope someone missed me🙈. This blog post was inspired by an article I read On Becoming. The post is long overdue but here it is😄

Dear Diary

For the first time in fourteen years, I managed to talk about the death of my brother. Although it hurts, it feels liberating to have offloaded the burden I have been carrying. My parents thought I was too young for therapy. Sadly I was in pain because I lost my roommate, my play buddy and someone I used to fight with. The pictures of my brother collapsing, being carried to the hospital and only coming home for the last time in a navy blue casket still haunt me up to today.

Thembalani allowed me to take a walk down memory lane and grieve the loss of my brother.

Dating Thembalani is easy, I  don’t have to pretend, I just have to be myself. My boyfriend makes me smile and laugh at the same time. I can be at my best and my worst and never apologise about it. Thembalani came into my life when I had hung my boots because I didn’t believe in love anymore. The love of my life calls me by my full name and I find it cute because I hate it when people shorten my name to Taku.

When Thembalani and I had our first fight I was so miserable. I couldn’t stomach my cereal and when I rushed to the bathroom my Mum gave me that talking eye. She was not ready to be a grandmother.

I have been going to the sports arena more often because I am dating a sportscaster and it’s funny how Thembalani treats the sporting legends as his friends. My palms were all sweaty and I lost my voice when I was introduced to one of the  Zimbabwean Warriors. Thanks to the pandemic we don’t greet each other, we just wave.

The drama queen in me won’t humiliate herself if she ever has a conversation that involves sports. I am considering being a freelance sport’s journalist.

Let me read my book and go to bed, I have an interview tomorrow and Tendai believes that I will nail it, #Fingerscrossed. What if Thembalani and I have ends in tears? But my bestie says they will be tears of joy.

Someone’s son makes me happy🤗.

Good night

The happiest girl alive!

Published by tcndangana

The girl with an overactive imagination

13 thoughts on “The happiest girl alive

  1. 💃💃Go girl. You were surely missed. Am glad to have read from you today.

    So sorry about your brother. He is probably looking down from the heavens so proud of who you have become. Am glad you finally talked about him.

    It’s believed that once you get something off your chest that has been causing you restlessness, that is the start of your healing.

    More blessings about your relationship and before I forget, whatsoever that interview is for, go nail it. We are in the winning generation. Go take over.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey love, the break was worth it and I am glad someone missed me🙈. The story is 100% fictional but I am delighted it felt real when you were reading it. I pray that someone’s son will make me this happy😊

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  2. Woah! First, welcome back. Second, this felt so real that I was about to ask many questions but still, I hope you find a Thembalani in your life. Third, I love your name in full. It rhythms magically. Lastly, bring more of this please.


    Liked by 1 person

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