The mind is a jewel

A happy new week to you my lovely readers, there are so many reasons for you to smile and if you haven’t been taking care of yourself start doing so today!

World Mental Health Day is celebrated on the 10th of October every year. I believe that there need to be more conversations around mental health in our family circles and our communities. When someone has a tummy ache, they can either throw up or have a running stomach. But when people are depressed they might suffer in silence. Someone who is depressed can pretend to be okay but they might be hurting inside. Some people walk with their heads held high and laugh during the day but at night they soak their pillows wet.

You should never compare your pain with the next person. It is not fair and it’s selfish to laugh at the next person because she has admitted that answering phone calls from her boss or being in public places makes her feel anxious. One might struggle to cope with a divorce but someone might say it is the best thing that has ever happened to them.

Never put your life on hold because of the next person, always make the best decisions for yourself. You can’t go around trying to please everyone.

When you are feeling overwhelmed and confused find someone to talk to. It might be a family member you can confide in or a professional but talking to someone who will not judge you feels like a lot has been lifted from your shoulders.

Be kind to yourself and remember to check on your loved ones. You can listen to an episode on my podcast

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