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Camp meeting memories

Worship has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and people have now resorted to home worship. Going to church gave me a sense of belonging and it was always nice seeing my churchmates. I am sure every one of us wishes that the global pandemic would come to an end so that they could be able to walk freely without the fear of contracting the virus, visit your loved ones or maybe you are just like me, you miss attending church functions.

Today is the Heroes Day in Zimbabwe and it had become the norm for members of the Seventh Day Adventist to go to the Camp Meeting during this week. Unfortunately due to the  COVID-19 pandemic, we will be having the second virtual camp meeting this year.


*It was a time to meet with friends and churchmates.
* I enjoyed learning about God’s word and it was a time to fellowship.
* It was a week of being away from the noisy hooting of cars, busy school and work schedule.
*Time to connect with God and make our request known to Him.
*Listening to people’s testimonies and being encouraged by the various testimonies.
*Thanking God for answering our prayer requests.
*Bringing our Thanksgiving offerings and thanking God for guiding and protecting us during the year.
*Offering congratulatory messages to the newly weeks or new parents.
*Meeting friends and churchmates who you have not seen for a long time because of work or school.
*Applauding the fathers who attended class with their children who were under the age of six.
Having lessons with my agemates and discussing different issues with the camp lesson being our guide.
*Sleeping in a tent for the whole week, the first time I slept in a tent I was restless because I am claustrophobic.

What do you miss the most about church functions?

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6 thoughts on “Camp meeting memories

  1. I last had camp when I was a “youth” and that’s so many years ago thinking about it right now brings back so many wonderful memories and makes me miss those days so much more so now that we can’t even attend normal church.
    There’s so many unpleasant changes the only thing I am happy about is I’m still alive and able to worship regardless. Sending you virtual hugs🤗

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    1. We just have to hold onto those pleasant memories and hope for the best. The pandemic has taught us numerous lessons too. Thank you for the virtual hugs🤗❤


  2. I miss going for mass. It’s not the same when it’s virtual but hey we gotta adapt to the new normal. The changes haven’t been pleasant but thank God we are still alive. Love and light to you:)

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