A review -Stay with me

Welcome to August, may this month be filled with laughter, life lessons and hope. Last month I managed to read four books and one of my sisters Justine❤ encouraged me to try and read more than four books this month.

Author :Ayobami Adebayo
Overall rating: 4.7/5
Book title:5/5
Themes: barrenness, societal expectations death, marriage, reconciliation

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Summary: Stay with me is a story about Yejide and Akin and how their marriage is hanging by the last thread because Yejide failed to conceive. Akin’s family end up bringing a second wife in the home because according to the African culture every man needs to have a child who will carry the family’s name. Yejide tries by all means to bear a child and she even goes up the mountain, carries and breastfeeds a goat in the hope that she will bear a child. Akin is confident that his wife is not pregnant and when Yejide believes that she is pregnant she looks forward to holding her baby only to realize that it was a pseudopregnancy.

When Yejide’s falls pregnant her first child dies and when Sesan is a year old the parents discover that their son has sickle cell disease. Sadly the child dies and when Rotimi is born and the parents discover that her child has sickle cell disease too and the mother distances herself from her child in fear of losing her. Yejide leaves and never looks back. But when Akin’s father dies Yejide and Akin reconcile.

What I loved about the book
The author managed to write in a way that I could feel the character’s pain.
-The author incorporated flashbacks in a good way.
-It was a sad book, had suspense and I concluded that it had a happy ending.
– The author challenged some African cultural practices, when a  couple fails to conceive the wife is always the one to blame.
– The author talked about sickle diseases (thanks to the Mawuli story, I have been doing my research too)

What I didn’t like about the book
-Akin hid the truth from Yejide.
-Yejide having sex with Dotun behind Akin’s back.

My favourite quote
“If the burden is too much and stays too long, even love bends, cracks, comes close to breaking and sometimes does break. But even when it’s in a thousand pieces around your feet, that doesn’t mean it’s no longer love.”

Do I recommend this book? YES
Will I  be reading a book written by this author? It’s a big YES 

One last thing, you might need to have a box of tissues with you when you are reading this book🙈🙈

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  1. I should try reading I was going to say more but for transparency’s sake let me just say try reading🙈🤗


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