WinterABC2021 Day6: Self-care winter warmers

As a follow up to my previous blog post l have decided to write another piece on self-care.

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The temperatures are dropping and the winter nights in my hometown can be very cold. I do not need anyone to tell me to wear a warm jersey but it has become the norm to wear something warm. If l fail to keep warm I would have jeopardised my health and I might end up catching a cold.

Self-care helps us be conscious of our physical and mental health. When an individual practice self-care it becomes an individual’s duty to take care of their health. One can avoid eating foods that can affect their health. In my case, I cannot take fizzy drinks because I will end up have a running stomach and in some cases, I might throw up. I wouldn’t want to inflict pain on myself consciously and this is why I now take alternative drinks like fruit juices or concentrated drinks.

Resting is not sinful, allow yourself to get some rest and do not overwork. It is okay to have one lazy day per week😉.

During the winter season, the sunrise rises a bit late and it gets dark earlier as compared to the summer season. One should get enough sleep and continue to use the same sleeping routine that you used in the summer or you will spend the whole day yawning.

When an individual fails to take care of their personal hygiene people might end up avoiding you because of the body odour. This is why we should make it a habit to brush our teeth, take a warm bath, shave our pubic hair and wear clean clothes. When you look presentable you will feel good about yourself.

Attending the doctor’s appointment, counselling and taking our prescribed medication is of paramount importance. 

Always remember that there is nothing shameful about taking care of yourself. Which is your favourite beverage during the winter season?

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