WinterABC2021 Day 7 -Why should we practice self-care (2)?

Every day the world affords us a chance to learn something new. This week l am advocating for self-care because if we do not take care of ourselves no one will.

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We can learn something from

*A song – Some songs are raising awareness for a certain issue and after listening to a particular song we are enlightened. To add on, some songs are good as a story and when you listen to a particular song you begin to sympathise with the singer and the characters in the song. When l listened to Masa Caroleen’s song Haagare l discovered that polygamy also means the same as chipare.

There are a lot of lessons that we can learn from nature and if you practice self-care you will agree with me. I adore the African sunset and the Baobab tree. The African sunset is beautiful and it offers us hope for a better day. The Baobab tree is strong, rooted and she survives during difficult times which include the drought. I am not perfect but l have made it my goal to take care of myself even when l am going through a difficult time. I named my blog after the Baobab because l am applying the tree’s traits in my life.

*Letting go of toxic friends
Some people are a part of our lives but they always have a way of bringing us down. It is better to let go of these people and surround yourself with people who appreciate you and are supportive.

*Read a book,
Reading is therapeutic. l find so much joy when l am reading African literature.

*Spoil yourself
Go out for lunch, change your wardrobe, prepare your favourite meal. If you are a  bookworm just walk into a bookstore and purchase a novel written by your favourite author.

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5 thoughts on “WinterABC2021 Day 7 -Why should we practice self-care (2)?

  1. letting go of toxic friends is difficult for me because of the memories i have with the friends. Nature is the best part for me, taking pictures of sunsets etc. Reading makes you to write rich content which you would have researched.


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