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WinterABC2021 Day 7 -Why should we practice self-care (2)?

Every day the world affords us a chance to learn something new. This week l am advocating for self-care because if we do not take care of ourselves no one will.

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We can learn something from

*A song – Some songs are raising awareness for a certain issue and after listening to a particular song we are enlightened. To add on, some songs are good as a story and when you listen to a particular song you begin to sympathise with the singer and the characters in the song. When l listened to Masa Caroleen’s song Haagare l discovered that polygamy also means the same as chipare.

There are a lot of lessons that we can learn from nature and if you practice self-care you will agree with me. I adore the African sunset and the Baobab tree. The African sunset is beautiful and it offers us hope for a better day. The Baobab tree is strong, rooted and she survives during difficult times which include the drought. I am not perfect but l have made it my goal to take care of myself even when l am going through a difficult time. I named my blog after the Baobab because l am applying the tree’s traits in my life.

*Letting go of toxic friends
Some people are a part of our lives but they always have a way of bringing us down. It is better to let go of these people and surround yourself with people who appreciate you and are supportive.

*Read a book,
Reading is therapeutic. l find so much joy when l am reading African literature.

*Spoil yourself
Go out for lunch, change your wardrobe, prepare your favourite meal. If you are a  bookworm just walk into a bookstore and purchase a novel written by your favourite author.

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5 thoughts on “WinterABC2021 Day 7 -Why should we practice self-care (2)?

  1. I just want to commend creatives for reading a lot. Books are helpful and not only does it help us to have more content and information, but also therapy.


  2. letting go of toxic friends is difficult for me because of the memories i have with the friends. Nature is the best part for me, taking pictures of sunsets etc. Reading makes you to write rich content which you would have researched.


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