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The Chat series: A chat with Vuyo Brown

Who is Vuyo Brown?
She is a Zimbabwean Singer, Songwriter and Contemporary Christian Artist.
She creates, she sings, she serves.

When did you know that you could sing?
My earliest memory is at 6 or 7 years old. I sang and danced; I really enjoyed it. I’d put on shows for my mum or anyone really who cared to watch.

How did you feel when you made your first performance?
Probably ecstatic. There are so many different types of first performances I’ve had. From infront of friends, school, church, public. They all have “an excitement for the next” afterwards. I am always looking forward to the next.

Walk us through your songwriting process.
I think I don’t like this question.
This has become even more private than when I first began and there’ll be a time to bring people into it. Right now maybe I can just say it involves a lot of conversations with the Holy Spirit.

What have been some of the highlights of your musical career?
Right now I can only think of two significant moments because they meant something to me. The day people called and texted to congratulate me on a ZIMA nomination, which is how I found out. It was my first ever and it was in the Jazz category. It was the confirmation I needed at the time. Lol I was like “okay I might be better than I think”
The next significant time was when Kalawa Jazmeer, Sony Music, and Universal shared about me because of a song I’d done with Speedy of Bongo Maffin. It seems small but it was huge for me. For me, such things become a confirmation of beliefs or knowledge I’d have already had.

Do you believe that Zimbabweans are doing their best in promoting creatives?
No. But the Zimbabwean music industry is growing. It will get there someday. 2020 made a lot of people pay more attention to Zimbabwean artists. A lot of conversations began and some of them have been yielding results so far. We’ll get there.

What do you believe makes a great song?
It’s relatability and a catchy main melody.

How have you managed to overcome imposter syndrome and creative blocks?
I would like to think I HAVE overcome imposter syndrome, but I do hope so.
I stay in my lane and move at my own pace anyway. I am sensitive and try my best to be aware of MY seasons and times “unto everything there is a time and season” … The hope and aim are to always be where I am meant to be.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
From God and His desire for His creation. From my relationship with the Holy Spirit. From observing people and their experiences.

How do you prepare for a show or performance?
I’ll just tell you I am mentally not available for anything the night before into the next day of the show. And I drink a lot of water.

How does Vuyo Brown unwind after a long day?
I watch something I am excited about till I fall asleep.

You can also follow Vuyo Brown on her social media platforms

Twitter -TheVuyoBrown

Instagram- Vuyo Brown

Facebook- Vuyo Brown

YouTube – Vuyo Brown


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