WinterABC2022:Stories Of Our World:Earth is home to you and me

I had the opportunity of working at an Infant School for two school terms. The teacher is expected to teach the learners but the teacher can also learn a lot from the learners.

Each work we would have
a weekly theme and at the end of the week each was expected to work on a craft of their choice. Pinterest was my best friend because it is the home of all the exciting rhymes, songs and crafts.

You would be surprised that young children have a sharp memory and they can apply what they learn. Back then teaching some topics was difficult but now internet access has made the learning experience easy. A video on YouTube can help in explaining to the learners what needs to be done to take care of the environment.

There is a poem about planet Earth that says “Earth is home to you and me”. How do you tell a five-year-old that we don’t have another planet and we need to take care of our environment? You ought to practice what you preach because young children learn from copying others. In the home, if you encouraged everyone to avoid using running water the parent or guardian should also do so. You will be surprised when you are reminded that brushing your teeth using a tumbler saves water. You can also use a bucket rather than taking a shower, I am sure my fellow countrymen are used to the bucket system since most households do not have access to running water.

Engage your children in exciting activities that help in saving the environment. Plant a tree in the yard, you will be amazed by the benefits of planting a tree in the act of saving the environment.

Young children are little helpers and when you are working in the garden ask them to join you. You can talk about the benefits of using compost rather than pesticides in saving the environment. Organic foods are the in thing these days. You can use countless songs in teaching young children about saving the environment. Don’t forget the 3Rs in waste management (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)

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