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WinterABC2022 Stories Of Our World: The gateway to endless possibilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has either infected or affected every one of us. Families were in different places, people were feeling anxious and all they wanted was a break. Some television stations didn’t have any new content and they ended up repeating most of the shows. Some people binge-watched their favourite series and within a week they had nothing to watch.

There is one application that has managed to capture my eye during one of the many lockdowns. I discovered that this application had a lot of content and yet I had only used the application as a music streaming platform. I would like to introduce my new friend ….YouTube

During the lockdown, many churches used YouTube to stream their church services and families had church services in the comfort of their homes. One of the YouTube channels from my church still uploads different church programs on their channel and the content always gets better.

YouTubers from different parts of the globe got recognition and managed to share their work during the pandemic. YouTube allowed content creators to connect with the audience in different places and all the audience need is an internet connection. YouTubers were also aware of how big their audience was.

Although the world has opened up, YouTube still stands out as one of my favourite applications. This is because I can watch content from any country or countries as long as I have an internet connection.

Some of m

My YouTube channels recommendations
😉In Conversation with Trevor
🤗The Hustlers Corner SA
😅Africa on Netflix (Never Late African Time)
😃Mandara Church
🥰Bluffhill Church

Which YouTube channels would you recommend?

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