The lessons that I have learnt from blogging

I enjoy blogging and maybe I should have created my blog a long time ago. The AfroBloggers winter blogging challenge was a great learning opportunity for me. There I was a time I was about to give up but every morning I woke up to notifications that some bloggers had already published their blog post for the day. These notifications kept me going and  I am forever grateful. I hope you will find some of the lessons I will be sharing below to be helpful🤗.


My blogging experience or journey has taught me that one should be consistent in publishing posts on their blog. The breaks are okay but you don’t want your readers to end up forgetting about you.

Writing about your personal experience can also help someone who is going through a similar situation. The reader ends up realising that they are not alone and they can draw lessons from the writer’s experience.

It is so easy to get lost in the likes and comments from your readers but what matters at the end of the day is doing something that you love.

Before the WinterABC2021 I rarely posted my work on Twitter because I believe that some of my posts were not good enough. Uncle B advised the bloggers to create a thread on Twitter for their blog posts and although I was against the idea I did it anywhere. I am glad that I created the thread for the WinterABC2021 and from now onwards I will be promoting my work on Twitter and my WhatsApp statuses.


I have friends from different countries and it always warms my heart when we talk about some practices that are common in our home countries.

Even when you are doubting your idea one of your readers can end up falling in love with an idea.

There is no shame in trying something new because even if you fail you are a better person and you learn from your mistakes.

What are some of the lessons that you have learnt from blogging?

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10 thoughts on “The lessons that I have learnt from blogging

  1. I have learnt that you never stop learning….
    Lessons are everywhere from scratch blogger who started today to one who has heard everything of blogging experience there’s always something to learn…
    Most of all have fun it 🌻

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  2. I have learnt not to be hard on myself or my work. We learn as we write and that is how we grow. Also my style of writing will not be the same as the next person and that’s ok. I should not belittle my talents. Thank you for the tips amd sharing. Keep going 👏🏾


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