A book review-The secret lives of Baba Segi’s wives

Author: Lola Shoneyin
Cover rating: 3/5
0verall rating:4.8/5

Themes: polygamy, secrets, security, family, impotence, societal expectations

The book is a hilarious piece and it tells the story of Baba Segi and his four wives. The author introduces the four wives and learn or understand how they ended up being in Baba Segi’s household. The reasons include societal expectations, poverty, wanted to be free and a break from their parent’s household. There are some secrets that women are willing to die without telling anyone.

What I loved about the book
*The author managed to write about the challenges that women go through if they are suspected to be infertile.
* Sometimes women are forced to give up on their dreams because of societal expectations(Iya Segi)
*Women bring each other down instead of supporting one another. Iya Segi didn’t want the other wives to be taught how to read by Bonalhe.
*Hatred can make you lose so much, Iya Segi lost Segi due to poisoning when she thought that she had poisoned Bonalhe.

A character I could resonate with:Bonalhe

My favourite character
Iya Femi

My favourite quotes

Don’t think I can’t see the challenges ahead of me. People will say I am
a secondhand woman. Men will hurt and ridicule me but I won’t let them
hold me back. I will remain in the land of the living. I am back now and the
world is spread before me like an egg cracked open.-Bolanle

Although the prospect of freedom excited me, the thought of escaping made my heart
pound.- Iya Femi

Will I be reading another book written by this author?  YES

Do I recommend this book? YES

You can also listen to the episode on my podcast Here

If anything costs your mental health then it’s too expensive. Have a great weekend😊

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