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This Mournable Body written by Tsitsi Dangarembga -Book Appreciation week!

I hope you will enjoy my book appreciation week.

This Mournable Body is a novel written by Tsitsi Dangarembga

Chapter 10 (Page 120-127)

Nyasha is struggling to try and make ends meet . Tambu is disappointed in Nyasha considering that she left Zimbabwe to go and pursue her studies in England , she had expected her to lead a better life. One would expect her to be rich but Nyasha’s car and her clothes can be worn by ordinary Zimbabwean whose life is seasoned my economic hardships . Nyasha is happy that her children will meet Maiguru Tambu and have a relationship with her because when Chido left for school in Europe  he has never set his foot the Zimbabwean soil. Nyasha’s children have Shona names (Anesu and Panashe) although she is married to a German national. Nyasha could have chose to name her children since she didn’t want to forget about her roots or her identity. Cement packs,puddles of stagnant water in the kitchen ,a mouldy cardboard and abadoned toys is proof that Nyasha’s house is disorderly.

Tambu is confused why her cousin chose to marry a white man considering that there was a time she hated the whites. Tambu cannot get over the fact that Cousin-Brother-in-Law kissed her on the cheeks and kisses Nyasha on her lips .

Nyasha happens to be particular about greetings and Leon and Panashe utter  “Nyama chirombwe since they are males and Anesu utters ” Nyama shewe since she is a girl. Nyasha could have wanted to hold onto her culture and never forget her roots and this is why her family could have practiced the way of greeting. Leon happens to be fluent in Shona and mentions that Babamukuru is the only one who listens to his Shona. Language can be a barrier and it can unite people of different social classes. Leon learnt to speak in Shona because he would be treated like an alien when they visited Nyasha’s rural home. Leon also wanted to honour the cultural practices and this is why he decided to pay dowry for Nyasha. Babamukuru was doubtful that his daughter would be married for a long time and this is why he had charged Leon a small fee just in case he had to give it back .

Leon is doing his best to try and fit in as a son-in-law in the Shona culture . There was a time he had to slaughter a goat at the village ,he learnt how to clap when greeting someone and he even owns shoes made from leather.

“You had not believed there was such a thing on this earth as an European without means of money.”

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