When I was young my grandmother used to tell me a lot of stories that were associated with nature.There are many lessons that we can draw from nature and apply them in our lives.

*The Baobab tree is a strong, the wind, the axe and the elephants cannot bring Her down. This is because the Baobab tree falls on its own time. Whenever you want to try something new do not let the negative comments from your peers bring you down. Its okay rest but its not okay to quit.

*My native language is Shona and the Baobab tree and fruit is called Muwuyu. The Baobab fruit dries naturally when it is ripe. This teaches us that we should be humble rather than to be boastful when we make a great achievement.

*The Baobab tree is proudly African.Many people import Her fruit to make facial products or for medicinal purposes. I hope that you are proud of your identity and you are proud to share your life story with the whole world. Sometimes when you share your life story  you can actually encourage and inspire the next person.

*The Baobab tree is strong and She survives during the difficult times which include the drought.Whenever we face different life challenges we should not always give up. The Baobab tree stores large volumes of water in her trunk and this is why it is able to bear fruit even during the drought. We should also hold onto the words of encouragement that someone close to us once told us or even the words of affirmation.

*Scars should not define us. A lot of people have engraved their names on the Baobab tree and in some cases people attempted to cut down the tree. Although the tree has a lot of scars it has managed to cover its scars. Being able to forgive someone who has wronged you does not make you weak in any way. We have fought a lot of tough battles and these battles have left us with  both visible and invisible scars. Although the scars are permanent this does not make us weak in any way but it reminds us of how strong we are.

* Every part of the tree is valuable ,the trunk can be used to make rope,the fruit can be used for medicinal purposes or for facial products . Do people have anything positive to say about you ?

I really adore the Baobab tree and this I why I decided to name my blog after Her because She inspires me in so many ways.

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The girl with an overactive imagination


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