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WinterABC2022 Stories of Innovation:How play healed me

My Mum always reminds me that I should let the child in me live and do anything that makes me happy. Early this year I invented Karaoke Sundays. I pick songs from my music playlist and I have to sing along and dance to the songs. Most of the time I sing the wrong lyricsContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories of Innovation:How play healed me”

WinterABC2022 Stories of Innovation: How did we get to where we are today?

There was a time that a bus driver used to deliver money to our family members in the rural areas. Family members in the village could also ask the bus driver to deliver grain or produce of the field to the city. The bus driver became an uncle or brother and a relationship was formed.Continue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories of Innovation: How did we get to where we are today?”

WinterABC2022 Stories of Innovation: Unforgettable mind games

When I was growing up I rarely played in the street with other kids. My playmate was my big sister Tadiwanashe. During the weekend my mother allowed my sister and me to go and play at the Shamu’s residence or Zothi and Panashe would come to our house. At our house, it was a punishableContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories of Innovation: Unforgettable mind games”

WinterABC2022 Stories Of Our World: The gateway to endless possibilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has either infected or affected every one of us. Families were in different places, people were feeling anxious and all they wanted was a break. Some television stations didn’t have any new content and they ended up repeating most of the shows. Some people binge-watched their favourite series and within a weekContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories Of Our World: The gateway to endless possibilities”

WinterABC2022 Stories Of Our World: Loadshedding

In 2019 the load-shedding hours were unbearable in Zimbabwe. Loadshedding hours would start from 4 am to around 22hours. People rarely used power those days and the only sign that notified you that at least it wasn’t an electrical fault was the temperature of meat or food items in the refrigerator. The thieves lost theirContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories Of Our World: Loadshedding”

WinterABC2022 Stories Of Our World :Social media

People go on social media for different reasons. Some people want to interact, share their work, de-stress or bully others. I always joke with my sister because I have realised that times have changed. When I was a teenager smartphones were being introduced and WhatsApp came into existence when I was in high school. AContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories Of Our World :Social media”

WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness: African Women

African Woman I celebrate you because you have a good heart.  You have proved that all skin types are beautiful. Thank you for turning your house into a home. Dear African woman I applaud you for your creativity, you have woven beautiful crafts. Your crafts celebrate the African culture and tell the African story. IContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness: African Women”

WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness: S is for self-care

No one is going to come and tell you to slow down. You need to take the much-needed rest and avoid straining yourself.  No one is going to come and save you and this is why you should be kind to yourself. When was the last time you bought your favourite snack? It would beContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness: S is for self-care”

WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness:We can do better

Day 11/22 We are halfway through the #WinterABC2022. Thank you for taking this walk with me Whenever they scored a goal the fans would go wild. The supporters would compose songs that rhyme with the soccer star’s name and the young children idolised the soccer stars. When it was time for the soccer stars toContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness:We can do better”

WinterABC2022 Stories of Africa: Child of War

Book title: Child of warAuthor: Ben Chirasha Before I went to high school I enjoyed reading novels written by Enid Blyton. I have even lost count of the books that I have read. When I went to high school I realised that most of the books in the school library were outdated and I neverContinue reading “WinterABC2022 Stories of Africa: Child of War”