A review -Chances

Author: Audrey ChirenjeCover rating:3/5Overall rating:4/5Themes: love, forgiveness, trauma, family, relationships, loss of a child, forgiveness, mental health SUMMARYRopafadzo Kondwani lives in Canada and is Riko’s sister who we met in Life will humble you which happens to be Audrey Chirenje’s first offering. The events in Audrey Chirenje’s two books seems to be interconnected and IContinue reading “A review -Chances”

A review- In 30 Days

Author: Ntombikamama MoyoCover rating:4/5Overall rating: 3/5Themes: mental health, friendship, love, forgiveness, religion, women empowerment SummaryIn 30 Days is a story about Lee-Anna Ndebele who is a lawyer at Zweli and Associates and she is good at what she does. Anna’s boyfriend of nine years breaks up with her on her 30th birthday she is heartbroken.Continue reading “A review- In 30 Days”

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