Take a walk in the library

Hello my lovely, how is 2022 treating you? Here are some of the quotes from the books that I read but failed to review on The Baobab. The stories were raw and I could see parts of myself in these stories. Now that I am forgiven­čśů do read the quotes and look for these sevenContinue reading “Take a walk in the library”

My first library experience

My mother used to walk with my sister and I to┬á Marondera Children’s Library once a fortnight. I was still young to be a member so we would escort my sister and wait for her to borrow the book that she wanted. When I was old enough to be a member of the library IContinue reading “My first library experience”

Letters to my sisters written by Fatmata Conteth -Book Appreciation week!

The novel Letters to my sisters took me on an emotional journey and I felt sorry for N’damba. She chose to take her own life so that she could save her younger siblings and generations to come. N’damba chose to be the sacrificial lamb and she wanted her sisters to be free. I will discussContinue reading “Letters to my sisters written by Fatmata Conteth -Book Appreciation week!”

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