Should we hold on or let go?

I do have a name and an identity.Why do you treat me like a stranger?Do you still remember the words, “I do?”I promised to take this walk with you.If you want to cycle, sail and swim to your destination I will do it with you. Why do you act like you are forced to comeContinue reading “Should we hold on or let go?”

WinterABC2021 Day 14- 360 Revolution

Happy Friday my readers🤗😊 The first time I was a participant in a  Zoom meeting was during the first COVID-19 lockdown last year. Technology enabled people in different places and different time zones to attend the same meeting. I found online home worship to be relaxed and I have learnt that conducting church services doesContinue reading “WinterABC2021 Day 14- 360 Revolution”

A book review-Love too powerful

Hello my dear readers, I hope you had a restful weekend and you a ready for the new week. Author: Blessing E MoyoCover rating :3Overall rating 3.5/5 What I loved about the bookThe author managed to write a poetry book about love and touch on various topics. My highlights Some people are scared of fallingContinue reading “A book review-Love too powerful”

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