Choose to be grateful

Today IĀ  choose to focus on the good things in my life and I do not want to complain about anythingšŸ˜Š.

Ā  *I am grateful for the lovely friends that I have and a family that loves me.
*I am grateful for the gift of life I am grateful for good health.
*I am grateful for a roof over my head and never going to bed on an empty stomach.
*I am grateful for the lessons I have learnt along the way.
*I am grateful for the new things that I have discovered.
*I am grateful for the times I have smiled and laughed at the top of my voice
*I am grateful for being myself.
There are a lot of things that used to make me cry but they don’t make me cry anymore.

You can listen to an episode on my podcast about GRATITUDE

What are you grateful for?

Are you being kind to yourself?

These are difficult times and sometimes we might feel like we are overwhelmed and tired. It’s okay not to have everything figured out, but don’t give up.We long to walk freely in the streets, to not sanitize our hands every time we walk into a shop or when we are in public places. Before the pandemic, I loved hugging people and touching my chubby cheeks but I had to stop doing that because of precautionary reasons. There are a lot of things I miss but I am hopeful that one day I will get back to holding my chubby cheeks for no apparent reason.

Be kind to yourself and practice self-carešŸ˜Š
* dance to your favourite song
*dress up for no reason
*bask in the sun
*clean out your wardrobe
*avoid listening to fake news
*learn something new
*own a pet or a plant *choose to smile and laugh more often *do something that makes you happy *read a book

A good song has to end

When SoProfound announced that he was leaving radio I thought he was going on a vacation and all he needed was a break and he would be back to entertaining his audience. SoProfound later mentioned that he would be hosting his last show on the 5th of September 2021. I  was sad but not that sad, I was sad because I enjoyed listening to his show every Sunday morning. When I became a blogger and podcaster I would brainstorm and write my blog posts for the week while listening to his show. On the other hand, I was happy for him because as human beings we grow and challenge ourselves each day. As I look back I am not the person I was two years back. Although we might be scared of change we move and try something new.

It’s funny how I got to listen to SoProfound’s show, a guy who was asking me out at that time encouraged me to listen to Love Longue which was hosted by SoProfound every Monday to Wednesday from 2100hours to midnight. After some time I later discovered that Soul Avenue was another show that SoProfound hosted and when I began to listen to his show I fell in love with it.

My Sunday mornings through to the afternoon were reserved for Soul Avenue and I remember the day I made my first call on radio. During the WinterABC2021 I wrote a piece about how I was given a chance to curate a thirty minutes playlist for music from a different ear. All I can say is Sis that’s mešŸ¤— was elated and it’s the small things that make room in people’s hearts.

Soul Avenue felt like home and although I had never met SoProfound I felt like I knew him. The playlist also had incredible artists and if I was to share the stories behind some of the songs I would need the whole day. SoProfound’s show was organised and it was more of playing music than taking. It was an incredible radio experience. I enjoyed Willom Tight’s interview and when he shared the story behind Ndiripano Mudiwa by Mateo and Friends  I began to appreciate that song more. I know of a lot of old school songs because my Mama used to play them when I was growing up. She is always surprised when I can sing most of the songs. How can I forget the Shingai Mangoma’s interview or the Fortune Chasi interview,  Brian Nhira…
A simple song could be a lesson on its own and when Tich Mataz shared the story about “Kana wochema” by Yvonne Chaka chaka I immediately googled the lyrics and played the song over and over again. I am glad that Tich Mataz interviewed SoProfound for the last time on Soul Avenue.

I am going to miss SoProfound I wish him well and I can’t wait to see what he has to offer to his audience. You can watch some of his amazing interviews on his YouTube channel called SoProfound

I am excited to meet the different voice and get to know him or her and learn something from them. One last thing and not compare him or her with SoProfound because that would be unfair, they are two different people.

Be kind to yourself!

A review- In 30 Days

Author: Ntombikamama Moyo
Cover rating:4/5
Overall rating: 3/5
Themes: mental health, friendship, love, forgiveness, religion, women empowerment

In 30 Days is a story about Lee-Anna Ndebele who is a lawyer at Zweli and Associates and she is good at what she does. Anna’s boyfriend of nine years breaks up with her on her 30th birthday she is heartbroken. Khwezi drops the bomb and notifies her will be getting married to another woman.

Anna is heartbroken and she is depressed and she even attempts to take her own life. The young woman is heartbroken and confused because everything was going on so well in her relationship with Khwezi. Anna’s best friend Logan encourages her to attend Khwezi’s wedding and although she was against the idea she attends the wedding and meets Herndel Jones who is part of the bridal team. Anna ends up falling in love with Herndel and a lot of secrets unfold during their relationship.Herndel and Anna have known each other for thirty days and they get engaged.

Favourite character: Tracy

Favourite Quote
I’ve known you for 27 days. You can’t compare that. That’s why I’m offering you something way better. I’m offering you a forever with me, countless days and everything in between. I’m offering you, someone, to stand by your side for the rest of your life.”

Everyone deserves to be loved and I believe in second chancesšŸ˜Š

Do I recommend this book? YES

Will I be reading another book written by this author? YES

My first library experience

My mother used to walk with my sister and I toĀ  Marondera Children’s Library once a fortnight. I was still young to be a member so we would escort my sister and wait for her to borrow the book that she wanted. When I was old enough to be a member of the library I was elated. I remember borrowing picture books, books with vowels and being old enough to read short stories.

Mama would let me read my book when she came became from work and during the weekends we could do a few spellings and comprehension. Enid Blyton is one of my favourite author childhood authors and I have read The Famous Five, Secret Seven, Mallory Tours and the Enchanted Wood. Let’s say I managed to read most of the books written by Enid Blyton that were in the library.

When I went to high school my classmates didn’t look forward to the library period and I would end up borrowing five books on behalf of my classmates. Unfortunately, the library didn’t have a variety but I read most of the Pacesetters that were in the library.
In the fifth form, I bumped into a storeroom that I called my little Paradise. Although the room had a broken window it felt like home. The books written by African giants were on the floor and the shelves we covered with dust. Those books were good my gold. Whenever I was in that storeroom dust and a stuffy room didn’t bother me. How would I have been irritated or annoyed when there was something that made me happy?

During my first year at University, I would borrow a lot of books from the library because I had never seen a lot of libraries in one space all my life.  Whenever I am in a library I feel happy and appreciate the millions that the books are worth not forgetting the knowledge hidden in those books.

I value reading because my mother taught me how to read and I appreciated visiting the library from a tender age.

Fun fact
I cover all the books that I have and I don’t eat while reading a book.

It’s never too late

Why have you decided to stay in an unhappy space? I know that it hurts and it might be scary but it is possible to walk away. Your view might be blurry but you can pick your broken pieces and move on. The fear of the unknown can imprison you but take a leap of faith and walk away.

Mama was in an abusive relationship and Baba used to beat her up. Her face was covered with bruises but she chose to stay. She always used to say” ndinogarira vana vangu” (I have to stay because of my children). Mama wanted her children to have a comfortable life and she believed that they would only have a better life if they stayed. Sadly when Mama’s children were older they left for school and Mama was all by herself.

Do you feel like you are always making sacrifices for people who will never jump a puddle for you? Maybe it makes you feel used and worthless but maybe it is high time to walk away and start all over.

Starting all over might be scary but you deserve to be happy. Although it might hurt maybe it is high time to start all over again.

A review- We need new names

Author: NoViolet Bulawayo
Cover rating: 3/5
Overall rating:4.5/5
Themes: Family, poverty, friendship, culture shock, identity, religion, abuse, mental health, identify

Summary: Darling is the narrator of We need new names and the story is divided into two parts
*Living in Paradise
*Living in America

Darling lives in Paradise with her mother and she befriendsĀ  Godknows, Bastard, Sbho, Stina and Chipo. The children no longer go to school because most of their teachers have flocked to the neighbouring countries in search of greener pastures. Darling and her friends live in Paradise which is an illegal residential settlement and when the structures are demolished Nomviyo’s baby is killed. The kids spend their time stealing guavas in Budapest to feed their stomachs since they do not have anything to eat. Chipo, one of Darling’s friends is sexually abused by her grandfather and she falls pregnant but she is barely twelve years old. The group of friends have a lot of questions about how their friend fell pregnant. In the hope of trying to save their friend the girls even want Chipo to abort the baby. The political unrest in the country has seen parents bury their children. The group of friends end up imitating everything that is happening around them (the death of Bornfree). When Darling’s father falls sick he comes back home after so many years of being away and when he was in good health he would barely write or send money back home. The prophets also make money from robbing believers in the hope that their family members might be healed.

Darling was hopeful that Aunt Fostalina would take her to America and when she finally leaves for America she becomes homesick. When she wants to go back home her Aunt tells her that her Visa expired and if she leaves America she will not be able to go back. Many Zimbabweans left their home country because they wanted a better life but some of them can’t go back home since they came to America seeking asylum. Some Zimbabweans like Dumi marry an American citizen so that they can have a green card. Darling realises that life in America is not as she imagined since people have double jobs to sustain their families back home. Many people are like Uncle Kojo, they are homesick and even though they have lived in America for a long time they don’t have the papers. In some cases, people who have the papers have done unheard things to get them. When people are homesick they play music or eat foods that remind them of home with their countrymen. Parents in Zimbabwe miss their children and when they die their children cannot go back home to bury them.

Each day the residents without papers live their lives in fear of being deported. Darling feels that she is drifting apart from her family and friends and she struggles to have a conversation with them. Darling also realises that life in the West is a bit different from life back home be it culturally or the way of life.

I wish I could go on and on but what is stopping you from looking for this book?

Favourite quote
“Because we were not in our country, we could not use our languages, and so when we spoke our voices came out bruised. When we talked, our tongues thrashed madly in our mouths, staggered like drunken men. Because we were not using our languages we said things we did not mean; what we wanted to say remained folded inside, trapped. In America, we did not always have the words”

Will I be reading a book written by NoViolet Bulawayo? YES

Do I recommend this book? YES

Hold onto the memories

I celebrate everyone who has been a part of my life. Maybe they were only there for a second, minute, hour, days or years. I am grateful to have met them and I hold onto the memories that I  shared with them. There was a time that these people were there for me during the good and the bad days. Their kind words and laughs kept me sane. I loved them and they held a special place in my heart. We shared memories that no one can erase and they hold a special place in my heart.

Maybe you outgrew your friends, they ghosted you or you drifted apart. There was a secret you shared with your but they chose to use it against you and it broke your heart.

You chose to let them go because you felt that it was the right thing to do. Although your friend or family member can longer be a part of your lives because of different reasons do you still remember the good old days? The days you would cry together and always mention their name in every conversation. Do you still remember the days you were inseparable?

Maybe career paths, distance or age robbed you of your friend. But there is one thing that no one can take away from you, hold onto the memories.

A review-Who moved my Cheese?

Author: Spencer Johnson
Book cover:3/5
Overall rating: 4/5

Which character do you resonate with?
* Do you resist change like Hem?
*Do you sniff change like Sniff?
*Will you learn to adapt to change like Haw?
*Will you Scurry into action like Scurry?

Who moved my cheese is a parable about two little people (Hem and Haw) and two mice (Sniff and Scurry) who are in a maze in search of Cheese. Cheese doesn’t represent a dairy product produced from milk but what could make one happy in life. These things might include wealth or a comfortable. When the Cheese at Station C runs out the first people who notice the depletion of the cheese store are Sniff and Scurry and begin to look for some more cheese. Unfortunately, Hem and Haw only notice that they have run out of supply on the day they went to the station.

*One should not be too comfortable
*Learn to pay attention, Hem and Haw were disappointed when they realised that they had run out of cheese.
*When you have found your CHEESE do not relax but continue working.
*Always be willing to try something new.
*Never tell yourself that you are better off than others, Hem thought he was clever than the mice.
*Fear of change can imprison you and make you miserable.
*Nothing in this life comes easy, you ought to do your part.
Words of affirmation can keep you going, Haw’s writing on the wall

Favourite quote
“If you don’t change you might become extinct.”

Do I recommend this book? YES
Will I be reading a book written by this author? YES

Letting go

What do you do when something doesn’t feel like home anymore? Do cry, do you let go or do you give it time?

Take a walk down memory lane and try to remember how you felt whenever you saw the canvas and paintbrush. Do you still remember the smile you wore every time you sang your favourite song? There was a time that something you loved was your haven and it made you feel alive.
And it played a part in the person you have become.

Maybe your hobby saved you, maybe it sealed the cracks and me your whole. Your crafts gave you something to look forward to. But fast-forward to the present the thought of something that you once loved and enjoyed doing leaves a bitter after taste in your mouth. It makes you feel nauseous and you are strangers to in your happy place. You choke in your own words when you try to sing, you can’t hold the paintbrush anymore and you don’t look forward to writing your stories anymore. It pains your heart but there was a time you would sing, paint or write until you fell asleep.

Give yourself time.
When the time is right you can let go of your craft but do not destroy that home never let go of the good memoriesā¤

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