Working together

Many people from my village are hardworking, caring and united. Love is like a seed we sow in our hearts, wait for it to to grow and watch it bear fruit.

The women are singing and I really wish I could join in and dance too. If I decide to leave the spot where my mother forced me to sit and walk to the field and dance I will be disturbing everyone. My actions will definitely attract a beating when Mhai (mother) and I go back home.

The villagers are always there for one another during the good and the bad times.Mhai told me that we should be there for our loved ones during the sunny and the stormy days.

I hope I will live to see the day when I will be able till the land with other men and women from Muwuyu village. I will join in the singing and sing this song with pride.
Ndorima musana wandirwadza .
(Whenever I till the land, my back always aches).
Pakudya ndomera manhenga .
(When it is time to harvest I never tire from eating the food).

Use the pen

The Baobab was nominated for the ZimblogAwards and I am elated .Thank you so much for appreciating my craft. Congratulations to the other nominees who happen to be amazing Creative writers too. Please do vote for The Baobab under the Creativity Writing categoryšŸ’ƒšŸ™šŸ˜Š

Use the pen
To create stories that will brighten someone’s day and encourage them never to give up.
Tell stories that are close to you,stories about your struggles,your losses and wins .
Create characters that people can relate to.
Characters that cry,laugh,smile,fail and never give up .

Never put the pen down because your work can be someone’s light in a dark tunnel.
Your story can be a ray of sunshine.

My dear friend

I promise to be there for you.
To be someone you can confide in and look up to.
I will be there for you until the end of the race.
My dear friend, I want you to remember that it is okay to have both good and bad days.
Some days will be filled with laughter and joy.
Whereas some days will be stressful and painful.

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Although life might lose its meaning never give up .
You have to take care of yourself.
When you are having a bad day, take one day at a time and if you cannot take one day at a time, take one hour at a time.
If you cannot take one hour at a time, take thirty minutes or sixty seconds at a time.
Do whatever you can but, do not give up and keep moving.

The heartbreak

I wrote this sad piece in my diary three years ago when my boyfriend gave me a call and broke up with me. I was heart broken becauseĀ  I had not done anything wrong but he chose to break up with me a week before Valentine’s dayšŸ˜«. I cried myself to sleep that night and when I went to school I had puffy eyes and I had to apply a lot of eye liner . After school I went to town and bought myself yoghurt and chocolates . Writing really helpsšŸ™‚ .Although February is the month of love heartbreaks are inevitablešŸ˜­. Heartbreaks can be tough but sometimes you have to let go,take care of yourself and move on.

Dear Diary

You do not break someone’s heart if you love them. Where did I go wrong? I am hurt because you broke my heart and I hope that you will not regret the decision you have made.

Inga wani wakavimbisa” (you promised didn’t you ? ) to be my potter, my best friend and my boyfriend.
Why did you mold the clay if you wanted to watch it break ?

I will miss you but, I will respect your decision. You made me believe in love but I think the word Love does not exist in my vocabulary anymore. I will miss you but, I have so much school work and I have to keep up. My mother always says sometimes when you are lonely you have to busy yourself to the extent that you drop dead at night. Maybe I will meet someone who will sweep me off my feet .
Josh(not the real name) I hope you will be able to sleep well at night.

Around the campfire

Image from pexels

The day we sat around the campfire we realized that we had lost so much . We had forced ourselvesĀ to believe that we were immune to pain andĀ we had decided to bottle our pain and anger inside. Little did we know that our emotions and feelings are alive and it is impossible to bury them.

We had carried heavy burdens on our shoulders because we thought it was shameful to openly talk about our emotions and feelings. There was a time I felt trapped and I believed thatĀ  there was no one who could save me. Whenever Jabu looked in the mirror he would shed a tear because his life was full of disappointments. Mbali had given up on love because everyone she met always broke her heart. Poor Jonso had recently buried the love of his life.

It is never easy for someone to admit that they areĀ  depressed. This is because a lot of people in my society believe that being depressed is an act of attention seeking. This is why some people have decided to bottle their pain,anger and grief inside.

If someone saw us sitting around the campfire they would definitely conclude that we are happy bunch of friends. OneĀ  would conclude that we are brave, strongĀ  and always happy. My friends and I have fought battles that could have killed us and sitting around the campfire is indeed a miracle.

I was not ready to say goodbye

There was a time I was hopeful that you would call and apologize for leaving without saying goodbye. I wanted you to hold me so tight and never let me go. I remember crying myself to sleep every night because my life was incomplete without you. You made me smile, laugh and I adored you.

I thought that the pain would get better with time, unfortunately the pain only  intensified. Why did you choose to leave when you were my ray of sunshine? When I buried you I also buried some part of me and the thought of you always wet my cheeks.

I prayed for you every night before I retired to bed not because l wanted to but, I had become so used to doing so. You were kind, loving and caring. I was lucky to have you in my life.

There was a time I was bitter and angry but I realized that you always wanted the best for me. How I wish I  could see you again. If I had the chance to see you again I  would  remind you that I love you. I really wish I could see you again . I was lucky to have you in my life and I will always make you proud.

Remembering our loved ones whom we have lost.

A reminder

You deserve to be happy, to smile more often and laugh at the top of your voice.
Always make decisions that will make you happy.
Do not expect too much from anyone, human beings do make mistakes too.
Be content with what you have and find peace over the things that you cannot change.

Read a book , try a new recipe or go for a walk.
If anything costs your mental health then it is too expensive.
You should be able to make decisions on your own be INDEPENDENT and not DEPENDENT on the next person.
You should be able to know how to cope when you have to deal with disappointments.
When you make a mistake, I hope you will be able to learn from those mistakes too.

My love you should be able to distinguish between needs and wants .
What are your strengths ?
Continue to use your skills so that you do not lose them .
What are your weakness ?
Work on  perfecting them.

Treat yourself the way you want the next person to treat you.
You have come a long way, you have survived battles that could have killed you.
It is okay to rest but, its never okay to quit .
You are a superhero in your own right.
Promise me one thing , that you will be always follow your dreams.

Stepping out of your comfort zone

There are two groups of people, those who are willling to try and the other group of peopleĀ  are scared to try . The first group of people is confident, brave and are willing to ask for help .

The second group of people is scared to raise their hand and try. This is because every time they want to try something new they re-liveĀ  their past miserable experiences. Whenever they want to try something new they remember how people made fun of them and this is why they are scared of stepping out of their comfort zone.

Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader and soar like an eagle. When you were young you fell countless times but, did you not pick yourself up? The answer is definitely a YES because you are here today. My darling never give up and always choose to be happy. Raise your hand so high and ask a question , make comment a or contribution and be the best version of yourself. Take the leap of faith and raise your hand .

Africa in a few years time

Dear Daisy

I really miss you , I hope that the new month will be a fruitful one . You do not have to carry a lot of burdens on your own , sometimes you have to find someone to talk to. You are the the light of your society. To be honest I always knew that you had it in you, but you were scared of being a failure.

My dear a lot has changed , the change has been both negative and positive .The factories in most of the developing countries have been re -opened and many youths have been employed. I am actually happy because at least the majority of the population now believes that working hard pays off. This is because a lot of people had nothing to look forward to.

There has been free access of education, health care and many communities now have access to running water. The African continent has the same currency how cool is that ? We now have the same prices for common brands such as Defy,LG,Philips to name a few.

Corruption came to an end , I know that it is hard to believe . If anyone commits corruption they will face the full wrath of the law. The youths are now involved in the decision making processes too.

The continent has been hit by many natural disasters but people have managed to work together and relocate the victims to safer ground. A lot of countries have been educating people about mental health. My dear you will not believe how many people have suffered from depression and in some cases committed suicide.

I once suffered from depression and this is why I took the responsibility to educate everyone about mental health.

There is one thing I wish I knew when I was 23 ,when I was still young , full of life and fearless. Life has made me realize that I have the flame in my eyes .Never let anyone extinguish that flame because the world deserves to see the flame that will bring change.


Mrs Brown

HEY …… You

You deserve to beĀ  happy.
You have to be your own super hero and learn to fight a lot battles on your own .
The people who are close to you might not be there for you forever .
This is why you have to fight a lot of battles on your own.
I hope you love the person you see when you look in the mirror.
I hope that you are proud of him or her.
You should be proud of that person because he or she has either lost and won a lot of battles .Ā  Some of theĀ  battles have wounded you, killed some part of you and even left you with permanent scars.

Why are you scared to try ?
Are you scared that people will make fun of you ?
Are you scared that you might lose ?
Sometimes you will only know how amazing you are when you raise your hand and  give it a try .
Go on and follow your dreams,ask questions and try something new.

Always remember that you are special and someone out there admires you.
You are a special gem and there is no one like you.
The only competition that you can compete with is the person you see when you look in the mirror.

Hey You, take care of yourself.

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