Going down memory lane (2)

N’s experience

🌻How would you rate your high school years out of 10? 8/10

🌻What was the worst thing that happened to you when you were in high school? Failing to make decisions on my own.

🌻What was your favourite subject and why? Food and Nutrition, I enjoyed the process of food preparation.

🌻Who was your role model? No one

🌻What are some of the lessons or skills that you acquired from high school? You can’t compare yourself with the next person because you are different.

🌻Did you ever feel like there was a time you were treated unfairly? No

🌻What was your favourite place at school and why? The sporting field, it was my happy place

🌻If you had the opportunity to change anything from your high school years what would that be?
My negative attitude towards Geography

Going down memory lane (1)

Q’s experience

Hello my lovely readers☺ I hope you are having a wonderful week. Going down memory lane is a series were I will be interviewing different people and allowing them to share some of their high school experiences. I hope this series will allow you to go down memory lane too and remember the good old days. If you made some mistakes during your high school years forgive yourself and do not dwell in the past.-The Baobab

🌻How would you rate your high school years out of 10?

When I was in high school  l had  two lives, that is the hostel life and the “school area” one which we referred  to as “up there”
Up there – 8.5/10
Hostel life – 5/10

🌻What was the worst thing that happened to you when you were in high school? During the weekends the students were allowed  to watch tv, I always wanted to unwind after a busy week and the movie night was part of my weekend schedule. The girl who was in charge of entertainment  brought movie and the content was for 18+. The girls in the tv room didn’t watch the whole movie but, we were punished and our superintendent notified the disciplinary committee that we had been watching a pornography movie. We had to dig a pit the following week but, the group  of people who had watched the whole movie before us were not even punished.

🌻What was your favourite subject and why? My favourite subject was Physics, I wasn’t one of the top students but I liked it because we had a great teacher. He had a way of making the subject exciting.

🌻Who was your role model? *My senior called Audrey, she was intelligent, down to earth and she always put in the extra hours.
*My Physics teacher .

🌻What are some of the lessons or skills that you acquired from high school? *Making new friends. *It is impossible to trust everyone. *Being independent.

🌻Did you ever feel like there was a time you were treated unfairly? My hostel superintendent expected me to respect the hostel monitors but they were my juniors .My superintendent even wrote me off as a bully and a rebellious  student.

🌻What was your favourite place at school and why? Lab 5

🌻If you had the opportunity to change anything from your high school years what would that be? Never meeting my hostel superintendent.

A book review-Manchester Happened

Author : Jeniffer Nansubuga Makumbi
Cover rating :3/5
Overall rating : 4/5

What l loved about the book

The stories were told through the eyes of Ugandan nationals who are in the diaspora. Although l am not an Ugandan national an never been to the diaspora l can relate to most of the stories or

My highlights
Ever since l joined the Afro Bloggers community I have realized that there are a lot of practices and customs that are common in many African countries.

The characters in Manchester Happened were in the diaspora and during th e holidays they would meet at someone’s house and play music from their home country, talk about work and their experiences . Sometimes when you live in the overseas your children might not be able to fit in when you go back home because of the language barrier. One’s family can end up saying the children are spoilt. Some people still find it unbelievable when a man is being abused by his wife. Culture has a way of bringing people together and when you share the same totem or come from the same village you automatically become family and you end up looking out for one another.

Even if you stay in the diaspora for years your family still expects you to be able to do your chores effortlessly.

Favourite quote
Apparently, when a
husband dies unexpectedly, the first thing you do is to look for the titles of
ownership, contracts, car logbook and keys and all such things. You wrap
them tight in a cloth and wear them as a sanitary towel. When they are safe
between your legs, you let off a rending cry, Bazze wange!’
*The issue of inheritance is still a problem in many African countries.

Will l be reading another book written by this author?
Do l recommend this book

A chat with Hey Anci

Hey Anci loves coffee , she is a fan of Grey ‘s Anatomy and she won the Zim Blog Awards 2021 under the Education category. I hope you will be able to learn something from this interview-The Baobab

WHO IS HEY ANCI ? Hey Anci is a just a girl who enjoys visits to the bookstore and everything romance and thriller. When her nose isn’t stuck in a book she is adding extra cheese to her pizza and using PHP to create a calculator that calculates the amount of cheese one ginamous pizza needs .

WHEN DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE WAS A BUDDING BOOK WORM INSIDE YOU? If I am being honest when I wanted my mother to buy me more books than dolls then I knew I forever wanted to be reading.


WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVOURITE BOOKS? Their eyes were watching god-Zora Nearle Hurston
To Kill A Mockingbird-Harper Lee
The Bible

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A BLOGGER ? To be honest I started blogging out of curiosity. I wanted to anonymously write my thoughts ,funny right? I thought no one would care who I was as long as I hid under a pseudonym.

A. THE PRESSURE TO CONFORM -It’s easy for a person to lose sight of who they are for more likes and retweets. B. BURNOUT -To be honest sometimes I have been too tired to write a review but that high of getting a blog post like drives me. C. Snapping hi-res images.

– to love my quirks and mishaps.
– to laugh wholeheartedly.
– to celebrate small wins.

DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIFIC LESSONS THAT YOU HAVE LEARNT FROM THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC? Covid taught me that life is too short and I have to do the things I want to do NOW without worry of what people will say. Live your LIFE and if it was a book people would want to read more!

WHAT ARE THE PROS AND CONS OF REVIEWING A BOOK ? Sometimes when I review a book I always try to include the trigger warnings so whoever gets to read my review knows exactly what they are getting when they are going to. One major con of reviewing books is that some people just don’t care about reading and books so it can get a little disheartening.

ANY LAST WORDS FOR OTHER CONTENT CREATORS? Be true to who you are! Let the world see your beauty! You are doing great, I love you and I am rooting for you.

You can follow Hey Anci on the following platforms😃

Hillary’s story

Ma dipped a morsel of sadza into the thick gravy and began to chew her food. Although I was feeling sleepy I dreaded closing my eyes because I did not want her to leave. All I wanted was to be with Ma and if I had the power I would definitely stop time. The Covid -19 pandemic is as good as war, I have learnt that I should wash my hands for close to twenty seconds and always wear a face mask. I do not want to get sick and I am trying by all means to be a good girl.

Image from pexels.com

Most of friends hate the Covid -19 pandemic because they cannot go to the supermarket with their parents anymore schools are closed . Although the Covid -19 pandemic has brought a lot of negative effects I am glad that Ma managed to come back home after four years of living overseas. Although Ma used to video chat with Thabo and I, l longed to hug her. I am glad that she is now home. The pandemic has taught me that money cannot buy everything and that the small things make room in people’s hearts. Although I owned the latest toys and a lot of clothes there was one thing that was missing in my puzzle and that was family ties.

I really longed for my mother’s touch, her words of affirmation and her good food. If Gogo (grandmother) , had not fallen ill would Ma have returned home ? Spending time with Ma, Gogo and my siblings has taught me a lot of life lessons. Money cannot buy happiness. Spending a lot time with my family has been something that I had forced myself to believe that it would never happen no matter how hard I tried. Maybe my life had been seasoned with a lot of disappointments to the extent that I gladly accepted everything that came my way.

Ma has been my greatest source of inspiration during the pandemic. She always spares a minute to listen to my unending tales, plait my hair so that I look good and goes to the supermarket to buy groceries. My mother is a Covid-19 superhero because she goes out of her way so that my sibling and I have food to eat, clean water to drink and a home that is filled with nothing but love and joy.

Ma also believes that Thabo and I should not have idle minds and she has been teaching us how to draw and bake. Thabo now believes in teamwork and he cannot wait for us to have our baking lesson on Monday. My family and l do not have much but I am glad that we have each other.

I really hope the everyone will do their part and fight the Corona virus.

The Baobab’s favourite quotes

Hello my readers, I hope you are masking up and sanitizing. Here are some of my favourite quotes and I decided to share them with you.

Image from pexels.com

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.-Maya feel.-Maya Angelou * Avoid actions and words that can offend and hurt someone’s feelings.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”-Nelson Mandela *Never give up on something that you love, have a positive mindset and keep pushing until you achieve your goals.

The knowledge of cooking does not come pre-installed in a vagina. -Chimananda Ngozi Adichie *Let us normalize teaching our children(both boys and girls) how to cook and clean the house.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.-Martin Luther King *Love is the key to forgiveness, healing ,reconciliation and peace.

What are some of your favourite quotes and why ?

Are you scared

*We are scared of failing and this is why we don’t  want to try out new things.
*We have been hurt countless  times and we believe that everyone wants to hurt our feelings.
*We have cried ourselves to sleep and let go of toxic relationships  and bad habits  but , sometimes  we feel like we made a huge mistake.
*We are scared of meeting new people because we believe  that we will not fit in .
*We are so used to the same routine to the extent that we hate change.

Remember to:
*Follow your dreams.
*Never regret the decision  and choices you have made. *Never to dwell in the past. *To smile and take care of yourself . Your only competition is the person you see when you look in the mirror.

A book review-Love too powerful

Hello my dear readers, I hope you had a restful weekend and you a ready for the new week.

Author: Blessing E Moyo
Cover rating :3
Overall rating 3.5/5

What I loved about the book
The author managed to write a poetry book about love and touch on various topics.

My highlights

Some people are scared of falling in love because of their past experiences and they are scared of being hurt. When someone trusts you they can open up about their past experiences( death of a loved one,divorce). Love does fade , “we are growing old but not useless”, some people are still in love even though they are in the sunset years of their lives.

The reasons why some relationships fail is because friends also want to be involved in matters that do not concern them. This is why is important to have boundaries. Marriages are not a walk in the park but the lovebirds should be able to accept each other’s flaws, be able to communicate, know their partner’s love language be able to express their emotions and feelings. There are selfish decisions one should be able to make in order to save themselves , these include walking away from a toxic relationship.

My favourite quote

We are growing old but not useless
We are just like wine which gains significance by age.
I am still here to cherish you as you cherish me,
I am not only saying good things to make you feel
But I am saying good things because you are good
And it makes me happy for you to feel good.
Let me clear all your tears and absorb all your fears
Hold on me tight for it’s no longer a time to fight.

Will I be reading another book written by this author?

Do I recommend this book?

You can get the bookHERE

A review- The National Arts Merit Awards

Hello my readers, I hope you are well. Always remember that if anything costs your mental health, it is too expensive. On Saturday 27th March I watched the NAMAs and if you did not manage to watch them please do.

The NAMAs (National Arts Merit Awards) are the brainchild of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe. The NAMAs honour and the work of Zimbabwean creatives. This year’s theme was
“Our Legacy, our pride” the edition was honouring the work done by the legends. Forty Zimbabwean legends in the arts industry were awarded for their work. The award winners included musicians, writers, sculptors, painters to name a few.

I always look forward to the NAMAs not because I want to find fault in the awards ceremony but because I appreciate the work done by the creatives. I remember watching the NAMAs with my mother when I was growing up and it was exciting to watch the nominations and the winners being announced.


This year’s NAMAs were a world class performance and I really enjoyed myself and it was so exciting even though it was a virtual event. The picture quality was perfect. Artists in the Diaspora worked on the national anthem, I really loved how different genres and voices were incorporated in the national anthem.

The #NAMALegends edition was enlightening because we got to know about the history of the forty legends and their achievements to present day. It was an inspiring award ceremony and it reminded me of a time when my grandmother used to narrate folktales to my cousins and I. The audience managed to go down memory lane with the legends and this made me realize that we can never forget our roots or history.

My eyes were misty when it was time for the tribute because it reminded me of the artists that we lost from 2020-21. Lazarus Boora affectionately known as Gringo was an actor that was part of my childhood since I used to watch his dramas on ZTV. Death takes a lot from us and all we have to do is hold onto the memories of how the artists we have lost made us smile, laugh and entertained us. Although it hurts “zvandapihwa Nashe ndinogamuchira”.

The performances by the artists were fun and the Kokai remix was a splendid way to shutdown the award ceremony. Thank you to everyone who did their best for the National Arts Merits Awards to be a world class performance and honouring our legends. This is only the beginning of greatness!

The lessons I have learnt

  • It is important to celebrate and honour someone’s achievements while they are still alive.
    -If you want to achieve something collaborate rather than compete.
  • Zimbabwe has got so much talent, never forget that😉.

Will I be watching the NAMAs next year?
Definitely, can’t we have two NAMAs per year ?

Would you recommend someone to watch the NAMAs ?
Yes and you can watch them HERE

Everyone who did their part to make the NAMAs a success deserves a standing ovation


Image from pexels.com

Today is the last day of March but it does not mean that we should stop supporting the women in our lives. Let us strive to create a gender equal world.

There are a lot of women that I look up to. These women have taught me that you can be anything you want as long as you believe in yourself. Whenever you are hurt learn to express your emotions and feelings. Wear a smile  that can light up the whole room.

Choose to be :
A woman who follows her dreams and is able to forgive herself for her past mistakes. Challenge societal expectations that are unfair to the girl child. Have conversations that uplift and inspire other women. Be a friend,a sister and your own superhero.

You deserve the best always😘❤

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